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Online Community: Request for Proposal Template

When evaluating online community platforms, choosing the right solution is no small matter. This editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is based on our years of helping organizations build communities of all shapes and sizes.

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This practical requirements checklist covers 100+ specific features and functionality that organizations should looking for in an online community platform. It provides a framework for identifying and organizing your requirements from the perspective of all your company stakeholders, the intended membership (customers, partners and/or employees) and executive management.

This comprehensive checklist includes:

01 Features and functionality

User interface, User Experience, Social & Sharing, Gamification and Reputation, Registration, Content Discoverability, Ideation and Feedback, Knowledge Base. 

01 Features and functionality

02 Security and Infrastructure

Permissions, Moderation & Administration, Advanced Configuration, Data Export, Encryption, Security Audit, Backups, Compliance. 

APIs & Webhooks, Zapier, CRM, 3rd party widgets, Marketing Automation, Ticketing Software, Github.

03 Integrations

04 Professional Services and Support

Support, Professional Services, Deployment, Training, Developer Support, Staging Environment.