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The Customer Advocacy Maturity Model

Customer advocacy outcomes run parallel to customer marketing goals. There’s no doubt that CX teams should be considering how to run their customer advocacy program.

Download our eBook to learn more about where your advocacy program stands and what you can do to improve it.

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What’s in the ebook

01 Determining your Maturity Level

The first step in elevating your program is understanding the level your customer advocacy program is currently at.

Using the Maturity Model, you can understand what you’re doing right, and how you can further improve your offering.

02 Advocate Experience

Every interaction your customer has with your brand leads them toward or away from future acts of advocacy.

HubSpot says, “unforgettable experiences make it easy for customers to promote your business.” Benchmark it through benefits, relevance, and engagement.

04 Program Execution

Are you enabling the best results from your customer advocacy program? Program execution is how you use the means you have access to.

By measuring your efficiency and effectiveness across technology, resourcing, and budget, you can establish the level of your program and learn to further it along.

03 Business Impact

How does Customer Advocacy create impact across the business? If you are doing it right, it can influence meaningful results for multiple departments.

By reviewing your standing in terms of outcomes, brand, and alignment you can determine your cross-organization impact.

01 Advocate Experience

The experience you create for your advocates is paramount to the success of your customer advocacy program.

There are multiple layers you need to identify and improve to ensure that your advocates are happy, continue to return, and provide you with tangible results.

This eBook provides in-depth detail on how to meet the needs of your advocates and improve your offering both in the short, and long term.

02 Business Impact

Dependent on how community is viewed within your organization, there are several levels of impact your customer advocacy program is providing to the business.

Whether your program is currently stagnating at a certain level, or if you are trying to figure out how to improve buy-in, the eBook will prompt you on how to progress.

Improving business impact is not only important to community overall, but to improve your customer advocacy program, you need to follow the steps outlined to move your offering to the next level of the Maturity Model.

03 Program Execution

How you use the means at your disposal to execute your program is a huge indicator of the maturity of your Customer Advocacy program.

Learning how to use budget, technology, and resources to create excellent advocacy strategies, can help to ensure that your program is running at its best.

Measure the criterion for program execution and follow the guide to improve how you execute your program.

Get the ebookGet the ebookGet the ebook