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Why Product-Led Growth is a Customer Success Responsibility

Product-led growth is the strategy of using your product as the main effort to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. 

That means your business focus is on convincing potential users to try out a freemium or free trial version of the product, and keeping them retained through spectacular and meaningful product outcomes. 

For your customer success team, this means asking questions like,  "How can our product improve to better serve our customers? And how can we give our customers the resources they need to truly engage with our product?"

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Find out how gamification can positively impact customer success trends:

  1. The Digitization of Customer Success
  2. Product-Led Growth
  3. The Rise of Customer Marketing

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Great customer success organizations affect all of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to expansion and, of course, retention. But without a clear understanding of a product’s capability or value, all of the above become more difficult. And churn becomes unavoidable.

Customer success should be leading the Product Led Growth (PLG) initiative by adding weight to customer feedback, offering data driven insights, and promoting product usage.

Learn how CS teams can (and should) drive a product-led growth strategy with this ebook, including the below topics:

01 Sales vs. Product Led Growth

Learn why sales-led growth is no longer the go-to-market strategy for many companies and how product-led growth can create positive, long-term impact.

01 Sales vs. Product Led Growth 

02 Cross Functional Teams

We demonstrate why customer success should lead the PLG initiative by focusing on customer-centric improvements

Examples on how both CS and product-led growth benefit from customer journey research, reporting on VoC, and product usage insights.

03 Why Product-Led Growth and CS Match

04 Product Led Growth in the Real World

Discover how real-life brands are leading the effort towards product-led growth, and get recommendations on how you can do the same. 

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How Does Product-Led Growth Work?

Product-led growth is fast becoming a popular (and profitable) strategy But if your organization isn't relying on product-led growth yet, why should customer success be the ones to lead the charge?

With this ebook, find out why your organization should be implementing a product-led growth strategy, as well as why customer success should manage it.