Engagement can mean different things to different people. 

But it’s what allows you to keep a pulse on the value you’re providing to your customers or members. They’re participating in your virtual events, they’re asking questions and getting answers in your community, they’re getting the resources they need to learn and do their jobs better, and so on.

This past year, we all had to adapt and rethink our engagement strategies. Our 2021 Engagement Experts found the sweet spot for building connections and delivering value in a virtual world. And we want to know their secrets. What programs or activities worked well? What made them so successful? 

In this panel discussion you will learn about tried and true strategies you can implement today. We’ll share tips for modern forms of engagement like Zoom Happy Hours, podcasts, community events, and much more.

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Debora Seys

Director of Customer Programs at Alation

Meet Our  Panelists

Tom Morrison

Chief Executive Officer at Metal Treating Institute

Brian Oblinger

Chief Community Officer at Brian Oblinger Strategic Consulting

Cathy Liu

Community Program Manager at Alation