Communities of practice — based on uniting likeminded people with common problems to solve— can generate huge value, both for your organization and your audience.

So valuable, in fact, that users might just pay to join.

Georgina (Cannie) Donahue, the Pragmatic Institute’s online community lead, joins us to explain how they planned, launched, and manage their paid-access online community of practice.  

She’ll present the story of the Pragmatic Alumni Community from inception to current day, with practical takeaways for each stage — from planning and vendor selection to community design and management.  

You’ll benefit from Georgina’s experience as a seasoned community builder, as she shares:   

  • How the Pragmatic Institute balances the need for community growth while maintaining an intimate environment 
  • Why they chose a subscription model for their community 
  • How they’re overcoming the challenges created by COVID-19 this year

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Secrets to Building a Successful Community of Practice

On-Demand Webinar

Presented By

Georgina (Cannie) Donahue

Online Community Lead 
at Pragmatic Institute

Kate (Zimmerman)

Director of Product Management 
at Higher Logic