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According to the 2020 Membership Marketing
Benchmarking Report, 43% of associations say the top reason members don't renew is a lack of engagement with the organization.

Some members are self-sufficient when it comes to engagement. They’ll find plenty of value in your association, without any extra encouragement. But what about those members that start slowly drifting away?

You've put effort into attracting and onboarding members—but when they lose interest, do you have an effective method to reignite their enthusiasm? 
To engage at-risk members, you need a targeted
communication approach.

With this eBook, you'll learn:

  • A real-world example of an association that saw 201% increase in email engagement with automation
  • How to build an automatic re-engagement campaign
  • Tips for replacing generic email messages

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Proven Methods to Strengthen Member Retention

eBook:  Rethink Your Member 
Re-Engagement Strategy