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The appeal for support communities is clear – peer-to-peer support, deflecting tickets, and cutting costs. 

However, using communities in this manner is just one way to use them. It’s not to say that ticket deflection and cost-cutting aren’t worthwhile endeavors, they are. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what a customer
community can do.

Highly-engaged communities not only help your support team, but can aid customer success, product, and marketing, too. 

With this eBook, you'll learn how community can help you scale the customer support experience. Plus, learn how to make your community part of a broader customer engagement strategy that strengthens retention and builds loyalty.

What's inside the handbook:

  • 4 Ways a Community Strengthens Your Support Capabilities
  • Don't Just Cut Costs - Create Retention, Loyalty, and Growth
  • How Customer Communities  Help Marketing, Product, and Customer Success
  • Tips for Getting Buy-in (And Budget) From Other Departments

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Tips for Creating Your Best Customer Resource

eBook:  The Support Community Handbook