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FAIA’s Automated Membership Strategy Increases Engagement 201%

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Florida Association of Insurance Agents

The Opportunity

FAIA wanted to switch from a one-off email strategy for member communications to a planned, ongoing series of automated membership email campaigns throughout the member lifecycle.

The Strategy

They used their Higher Logic Marketing and Community tools to set up an automated membership communication strategy that increased member engagement and renewals.


Increase in Email Engagement


Online Renewal Conversion Rate

2-3 Hours

Staff Time Saved Per Day

Making a Difficult Member Renewal Process Better

In the past, FAIA’s membership department had three huge, manual renewal mailings. And yet they still found themselves chasing down lapsed members. Before setting up an online renewal process, members had to fill out a web form that sent an email to membership staff, who then had to manually enter information into the database.

FAIA set a goal to make their member communication strategy less random and more strategic. They also sought to increase online membership renewals by improving their renewal process.

They built an automated membership marketing strategy that included four new automated email campaigns: re-engagement, past member recruitment, new member welcome, and membership renewal.

More Efficient & Engaging Member Outreach

Almost all direct mailings were eliminated and replaced with an automated renewal campaign, touching on notice of renewal, expiration reminder, and overdue payments. The campaign yielded 172 renewals ahead of schedule and also led to:

201% increase in email engagement

40% online renewal conversion rate

2-3 hours of staff time saved per day

“Marketing automation gives us the opportunity to create a more thoughtful and effective process.”

Braden Hon

Susan Ray

Director of Communications (Former), FAIA

About The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA)

The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) is a nonprofit state trade association of insurance agencies and the central source of information for nearly 2,000 independent property and casualty agency members. They use iMIS-ASI as their member database.

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