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Help Members Make Lasting Connections Through Mentoring

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Creating & Maintaining a Mentoring Program

Your association is the perfect place to connect members at various stages of their careers to help them achieve professional milestones – and a mentoring program is a key component of that effort! Explore our tips and resources to help you build and nurture a successful mentoring program.

Guide: 11 Steps to Start a Successful Mentoring Program

A mentoring program can be a top member benefit that helps your organization meet recruitment, retention, and engagement goals. They connect member segments at different career stages for mutually beneficial relationships, bringing the experienced and the ambitious together to grow in their careers. Check out our 11 steps to help you start and maintain a successful mentoring program at your association.


On-Demand Webinar: The Secrets to a Successful Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a key element of the member journey. The best association mentoring programs help foster professional connections and make interactions between mentors and mentees easy and convenient. But what does it take to build and maintain a successful program? Find out how Tirza Austin, Online Community Manager at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), is rethinking the mentoring experience, using community resources, and automating ASCE’s program.


Blog Posts

How to Create a Great Mentoring Program in Your Online Community

Association online communities are great places to create mentoring programs. Learn the benefits of starting your own mentoring program.


The Power of Mentoring in Communities

Mentorship has been around for ages, but people don’t always realize how transformative those relationships and connections can be.


How to Start a Mentoring Program People WANT to Join

To implement the most effective mentoring program possible, check out these 5 tips to ensure the needs of your organization, your mentors, and your mentees are taken care of.


MTI Uses Online Community to Foster Growth

Using online community, MTI created a space for members to connect year-round instead of just one time a year at an event. aBy allowing heat-treting specialists of varying expertise and career stages to learn from each other and maximize industry knowledge, MTI positioned membership as vital to their career growth and success.

Want to save time and improve engagement?

Higher Logic Thrive’s Mentor Match tools help associations save up to 10 hours monthly on mentor program management!