Community Enterprise for Customers

You need a platform that works for you. Community Enterprise delivers on your vision.


Make Your Community Yours

With full access to the community CMS, you can design, configure, and customize for a community that meets your exact brand and use case needs.

Distinct Experiences

Create an Organized Experience

With Community Enterprise’s microsite & nesting options, you can turn a complex community structure into a highly personalized, intuitive user experience. Customers know where to go while your admins have the level of control they need.

Event Engagement

Give Events a Digital Home

When you’re looking for a dedicated event community, Community Enterprise has a solution for you. Boost virtual events and foster engagement at hybrid events with our event resources.

Community Enterprise at a Glance

Full Configuration Power

Community Enterprise leverages the full power of our site configuration tools. Shape your world to your needs.

Multiple Communities

Support every use case, whether it’s products, user groups, or thought leadership with multiple communities. Each community has distinct libraries, discussions, and blogs.

Microsites & Nested Communities

Build robust multi-community use cases in one place. Each area has a defined space with clear navigation.

Event Communities

Provide dedicated event communities where customers, prospects, & staff can engage before, during, and after your events.

Product Ideation & Customer Advocacy Tools

  • Bring new ideas to life and help connect customer needs to the product development process.
  • Dedicated customer advocacy management features help you find, nurture, and reward customer advocates.

Libraries, Blogs, Discussions

  • Share resources with customers & let them share with each other, including documents, images, videos, and more.
  • Give customers an easy way to engage and collaborate with discussions & questions, from wherever they are.
  • Give customers and your team a place to create longer content, including product release notes, best practices, or other relevant updates.

Predefined & Custom Automation

Engage customers at scale with built-in and custom logic-based nudges, creating a personalized experience.

Authentication & Integration

Your customer data lives in many different places. We support the ability to manage your contacts within Higher Logic via powerful integrations that make data management seamless and empower personalization.

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Community Enterprise supports your vision

If you’re an enterprise organization who needs to support a complex business with deep configuration capabilities, Community Enterprise is for you. Meet your community needs with Community Enterprise. We’ll help you deliver that strong customer community experience.

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“Higher Logic combines simple CMS tools with oodles of data-driven content personalization capabilities. The possibilities are limitless for crafting a smart-relevant online community experience. Smart, savvy people, too!”

Brian S. Director of Customer Marketing
For Associations

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