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Thrive Platform Platinum Services Description


This Services Description (the “Services Description”) sets forth certain strategic services provided by Higher Logic with respect to Higher Logic Thrive Platform Platinum referenced on the Order Form (referred to below as “HL Thrive Platform Platinum”). The Order Form and Services Description are subject to and governed by the Master Subscription Agreement between the parties referenced in the Subscriber’s Order Form (the “Master Subscription Agreement”). Defined terms shall have the meaning accorded to such terms in the Master Subscription Agreement unless otherwise set forth herein.

By executing the Order Form to which this Services Description is attached and/or referenced, Subscriber hereby expressly agrees to all terms and conditions of the Order Form, this Services Description, and the Master Subscription Agreement.  In the event of any conflicts in terms among the Order Form, this Services Description and the Master Subscription Agreement, the terms of the Master Subscription Agreement shall prevail.

For the avoidance of doubt, Higher Logic Thrive Platform Platinum package will begin upon Subscriber’s execution of the Order Form which references “HL Thrive Platform Platinum” and upon Subscriber’s confirmation of readiness to start the HL Thrive Platform Platinum package. Higher Logic will provide Subscriber with a Higher Logic Advisor to deliver stated services.

Scope of Services

The Higher Logic Advisor will collaborate with Subscriber’s named point of contact to organize, schedule, conduct sessions, or complete work related items selected by Subscriber in a mutually agreed upon manner. Subscriber will select up to 2 (two) projects each year of the Term to use towards projects and/or tasks listed on Higher Logic’s Thrive Platform Platinum Menu. The 2 (two) projects not used within the subscription year of the Term will expire and do not rollover to the following subscription year.

In addition to the allotted projects available for selection on the Thrive Platform Platinum Projects Menu, your Higher Logic Advisor will also provide:

  • one (1) hour Higher Logic Thrive Platform Platinum planning session
  • one (1) hour bonus session
  • quarterly review that includes a simple report items completed, and suggestions for next quarter.

By way of example only, Higher Logic’s Advisor can work with the Subscriber’s point of contact to consult, or in some cases, execute working session items, including:

  • Email Management: The customer’s Higher Logic Advisor could send email through the Higher Logic Thrive Platform Platinum with the customer or on their behalf.
  • Community Management: The customer’s Higher Logic Advisor could work with customer to execute on Community Management activities.
  • Advisory: The customer’s Higher Logic Advisor could advise the customer and provide guidance on how to best utilize the software.
  • Implementation Support: The customer’s Higher Logic Advisor will work with customer to build out and execute a launch plan.

Higher Logic offers the following menu for Higher Logic Platform Platinum Subscribers to choose from:


Engagement Roles & Responsibilities

The following roles and responsibilities required for this project for both the Subscriber and Higher Logic are outlined below.

Higher Logic Team

Higher Logic will provide people resources throughout the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services. The resources assigned to the roles described in the table below will provide the services and deliverables outlined in this Services Description.

Higher Logic Roles Responsibilities
Higher Logic


Higher Logic will designate an Advisor as primary point of contact through the duration of the HL Thrive Platform Platinum contract.


Higher Logic may, at its discretion and upon reasonable notification to the Subscriber, reassign individuals in any of the roles listed above. Advisors are assigned based on type of service and need. 

Subscriber Team

The Subscriber will provide people resources as listed below to deliver required inputs. In the event of a change to a key resource, the Subscriber will provide Higher Logic with reasonable notification to ensure a resource transition occurs. The Subscriber and Higher Logic may supplement the resources and roles as necessary to ensure project completion.

Subscriber Roles Responsibilities
Point of Contact (“POC”)


Subscriber will designate a single point of contact (the “POC”) to facilitate communication during the engagement. The POC will remain the single point of contact for all required Subscriber planning and approvals related to the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services.
Subscriber Stakeholder(s)


The POC may identify specific Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s) responsible for collaborating with the POC and the Higher Logic Advisor on the strategy and content. Membership Stakeholders are expected to develop a basic level of understanding of Higher Logic Thrive Platform Platinum features and functionality.

Subscriber’s Responsibilities

HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services

  • Subscriber will manage creation, customization, schedule, and approval of communications copy.
  • The Subscriber will facilitate approval on content, application requirements, and timing of the mailings by HL.
  • The POC will facilitate approval of configuration and content for automated system actions.


  • All services will be performed by Higher Logic remotely. Subscriber acknowledges that Higher Logic may provide HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services from any of Higher Logic’s locations of operation.
  • Subscriber will proof all communications in languages other than English.
  • Subscriber will provide Higher Logic with no fewer than two (2) business days’ notice for any scheduled meetings.
  • Any travel, meals, and accommodation expenses for onsite visits, if any (ex: Strategic Planning Workshop), will be paid by the Subscriber. Higher Logic will work with Subscriber to ensure flights and hotels are booked with Subscriber’s preferred providers (where applicable) and within reasonable rates.
  • Services will be performed from Monday through Friday during Higher Logic’s regular business hours at the location where the Services are performed. Alternative arrangements must be mutually agreed upon, in writing, by both the subscriber and Higher Logic.
  • Higher Logic Advisors will not communicate with Subscriber points of contact via the Subscriber’s internal intranet or chat (ex: Slack, Skype).
  • The Subscriber is expected to enroll and consume Higher Logic’s on-demand training resources to adequately onboard. Subscriber may in its sole discretion register for additional training, including but not limited to: live public training, distance learning training, webinars, on-demand learning, learning paths, custom private on-site training available at Higher Logic’s then current rates.
  • Higher Logic reserves the right to reassign resources, reschedule and/or re-prioritize the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services or any milestone related to the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services in the event that Subscriber is not responsive and/or in the event that the Subscriber requests a delay of the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services.

Out of Scope Services

The parties acknowledge and agree that the tasks and activities listed below are, without limitation, outside the scope of the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services and are not provided by Higher Logic as part of the HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services. If Subscriber requests an out-of-scope service, whether included on this list or otherwise determined by Higher Logic to be out-of-scope (a “Change Request”), Higher Logic will consider such a request and may, at its sole discretion, provide such additional services under a time and materials (T&M) fee of $200 per hour. If requested, Higher Logic will prepare a cost estimate and timeline for the additional services and, upon Subscriber’s execution of an order form detailing the Change Request Services, will commence work. Higher Logic reserves the right to decline any change request.

Services considered out of scope for HL Thrive Platform Platinum Services are any services not listed on the HL Thrive Platform Platinum menu. Unless otherwise noted, the following are examples of out of scope service:


  • Website page, data and/or content migration
  • Custom software development requests, platform enhancements or add-on functionality (ex: Javascript)
  • Management or use of the organization’s AMS/CRM
  • Product changes/ enhancements
  • Integration changes (e.g. adding demographics, SSO changes, security groups)

Community Management

  • Creation and ongoing management of a content calendar, engagement tactics, and moderation for subscriber’s communities.
  • Management of events and all related content creation, including but not limited to:
    • Presentations or resources for events or conferences
    • Event promotion
    • Coordination, management, or facilitation of any online community meet-ups at an event or conference
    • Management of an event of conference community.
  • Marketing material creation, including newsletter emails, graphic design, social media posts, one-pagers, infographics, or PDF’s for the purpose of promoting the community, including the use of 3rd party tools (ex: Mailchimp, Venngage)
  • Maintenance and execution on a tagging taxonomy to organize resources, including the application of tags to any resources and discussion posts
  • Custom metrics or key performance indicator dashboard creation, custom reporting, custom data visualization (ex: infographic), or the management of third-party analytics tools (ex: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager)
  • Custom creation of videos, including marketing videos, screencasts, recordings of site demos, or delivery of webinars
  • Custom creation of Subscriber-specific support manuals (ex: Playbooks, Handbooks, Toolkits, Guides) with operating procedures on Higher Logic features or functionality.


  • Graphic design, site redesigns, ad creation, web design, email design or other major visual updates to your Higher Logic platform, unless outlined within the Agreement’s Scope of Services, or outlined within a separate Statement of Work or other services agreement.


  • Participation in internal meetings with the Subscriber’s organization outside of the designated virtual meetings including but not limited to Subscriber’s staff meetings or board meetings)
  • Business dealings, negotiations or material creation for the Subscriber’s internal department, investor, or vendor meetings (ex: board meetings)
  • Selection, coordination, and contracting with third-party vendors