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Understanding Your Australian Customers’ Expectations for CX

Have you considered what your Australian customers expect from their experience with your business? Our research dives into the CX data.

With 25.5 million people in Australia, the scope of the consumer market is huge. While a lot of emphases is placed on the US consumer, the Australian consumer is sometimes a secondary thought. But, the reality is that brands need to pay attention to their individual consumer markets and understand how to cultivate the best CX for each entity.

The US market is a great jumping-off point, and should absolutely be tended to, but without addressing your other potential customers you could be losing out on revenue opportunities, brand loyalty, and international brand recognition.

As part of our research for 2021, we have surveyed over 600 consumers to understand customer experience expectations and how these consumers perceive community as a solution to these. We broke down our research into three English-speaking markets: the US, the UK, and Australia.

Have you ever considered what your Australian customers expect from their experience with your business, and how you are facilitating these expectations? Does your CX align with modern-day expectations and are you working towards facilitating it in a conducive manner? Let’s address it together.

Of our survey respondents, 81% of Australians have used a community before. Of the 19% who haven’t, more than two-thirds would like to.

Australian consumers overwhelmingly expect the following from their customer experience:

  • Speed – 62%
  • Convenience – 56%
  • A person to speak to – 57%
  • Feeling appreciated – 51%
  • Self-service – 42%

Consistent with these expectations, Australian consumers consider community as a solution to each of these expectations.

  • 77% think community is a fast solution
  • 87% agree community facilitates convenience
  • 81% see community as a way to speak with a person if necessary
  • 84% feel more valued due to community access
  • 86% think community is a solution to self-service

Speed as an Australian Customer Expectation

Meeting today’s CX expectations can be incredibly difficult: it is almost impossible to scale your strategy in accordance with your customer’s expectations, yet, you’ve got to do it.

Let’s break down the speed aspect. Today, customers who have questions for, or issues with, a brand or product, expect a quick turnaround. From question to resolution, customers expect, at most, a response in 10 minutes or less and a resolution time in less than 12 hours. 62% of Australian consumers demand a speedy experience from a brand, but how are you going to scale your support team to meet this expectation?

Community, as pointed out by 77% of Australian survey respondents, is a solution to speed. Within a community, customers have access to FAQs, knowledge base, other customers with the information they need, and moderators who can point them in the right direction. It goes without saying that having these capabilities on hand can reduce not only customers’ resolution time, but also customer support agents’ time.

Reducing your response time, your resolution time, and increasing the scope of your support budget seems like an obvious solution, right? Well, if you need more of an incentive or even just want more information on your Australian customers, you’re in the right place.

We’ve done a deep dive into these metrics and more. Are you interested in learning more about Australian consumers and their expectations of brand interactions? Check out our Australian Customer Perceptions of the Community Experience eBook where you can find an understanding of these metrics and how you can achieve them. Also, don’t miss our research on British customer expectations.

Nuala Cronin

Nuala is the Content Marketing Manager at Vanilla by Higher Logic. Nuala loves creating content, analyzing copy, and all things language.