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Bring your people and their ideas together.

Private, secure online communities that stimulate conversation and ignite engagement.


With more than 18 million users in 100,000 communities, Higher Logic is the proven leader in social CRM technology.

Higher Logic's Connected Community is your organization's private social network that seamlessly integrates into your existing platforms. Drive collaboration, ignite conversations, and create an invaluable knowledge base that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Give your users a voice – and reap the benefits.

Brett Wangman - TCAG - Quote
Brett Wangman Quote
Chris Champion - IPWEA - Quote
Dana Anaman - ASAE - Quote
Rachael Bell - NJSCPA - Quote
Tom Jelen - ASHA - Quote

See Connected Community In Action.


Higher Logic to Attend and Exhibit at the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Conference

Visit the Leading Industry Provider of Private Community Software at Booth 741

Higher Logic to Attend, Present and Exhibit at the 2014 IFA Annual Convention

Visit the leading industry provider of private community software in Booth #700


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