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Webinar | June 11 @ 2pm ET

Information + Integrations = Power for Associations. Here’s Why.

Find out how to make your member data more useful for your association with software integrations between your AMS, online community software, and marketing automation platform.

“Information is power.”

Words said over and over every day, across the world. But if we stop there, then databases are the most powerful things on the universe and should be ruling the world.

Lack of sentience aside, databases have not become our overlords in large part because information itself is not power. To quote Daniel Burrus, “Information is power only if you can take action with it. Then, and only then, does it represent knowledge and, consequently, power.”

Essentially, data is only helpful if you have the right tools to dissect it and glean meaning. And data only transforms into power when you have the right tools to use it to further goals.

How to transform data into actions was the running theme through the three-part webinar series Higher Logic and ASI, the creators of the association management software (AMS), iMIS, held this summer.

In these three webinars, Driving Non-Dues Revenue, Automating the Member Journey, and Maximizing the Power of Integration, we dove headfirst into the myriad possibilities available when you have a strong connection (called an integration) between your database, your online member community software, and your marketing automation platform.

In Driving Non-Dues Revenue, we explored:

  • How you can use segments to create targets that you can take action on to effectively target non-dues revenue offerings to the right audience
  • Promotion tactics you can use to attract members and drive attendance to training and events
  • How to automate non-dues revenue promotion, like sponsorship and exhibits, to create an underlying support system for your marketing
  • How you can use communities and easy dynamic newsletters as a source of new ad revenue

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Following up on those ideas, in Automating the Member Journey, we looked at:

  • How to take a corporate member from a lead generated by content all the way through to membership, partnership, sponsorship, and renewal
  • The path of a professional member at an association from student to airport director, as seen through the different pieces of technology used for each
  • How your integrations can help your members through each step on their professional journey based on your knowledge of where they need to go

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And then in Maximizing the Power of Integration, we covered:

  • The power of sharing knowledge, and how to make it actionable for you
  • A clear vision for leveraging data to serve audiences better
  • Seven automation/integration quick tips

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These three webinars offer strategies that can be used by any AMS-to-engagement-platform integration, as well as some specific to the iMIS and Higher Logic integration. So dive in and see what you can pick up to help your organization help members on their paths to success.

Beth Arritt

Beth’s marketing experience encompasses more than twenty-five years of marketing strategy and member/customer engagement in various industries, including puzzles and games, training, education and aviation.

In addition to marketing, Beth has worked in event management and web development, wearing a variety of hats in different positions. She has also been an adjunct professor of marketing at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising from James Madison University, a Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University, and a Masters of Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She has earned numerous awards for her marketing, including two Top Digital Marketer of the Year awards.