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The Power of Mentoring in Communities

Mentorship has been around for ages, but people don’t always realize how transformative those relationships and connection can be.


Your association is the perfect place to connect members at various stages of their careers for both to achieve professional and personal goals. In fact, a mentoring program can be a top member benefit that helps your organization meet recruitment, retention, and engagement goals.

Explore the resources to get started on building and nurturing successful mentoring program. If you have any questions,
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Tip Sheet: 11 Steps to Start a Successful Mentoring Program

Association mentoring programs connect member segments at different career stages for mutually beneficial relationships, bringing the experienced and the ambitious together to grow in their careers.

Get your copy of this tip sheet for an outline of 11 steps to help you start and maintain a successful mentoring program at your association -- one that will emerge as a top member benefit.

On-Demand Webinar: Why Your Association Needs a Mentoring Program in 2020

Higher Logic's online community technology enables mentorship within your organization and sets the tone for a new generation of educated, informed constituents. Customize your organization’s professional development and networking experiences to fit your community members' needs.

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Brochure: Higher Logic's Mentor Match

Watch the webinar recording to hear why associations are increasingly focused on mentor programs. You'll get insight from a first-hand account of the Grant Professionals Association's experience with rebuilding their mentoring program.

How to Create a Great Mentoring Program in Your Online Community

Association online communities are great places to create mentoring programs. Learn the benefits of starting your own mentoring program. 

How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

To implement the most effective mentoring program possible, remember these 5 tips to ensure the needs of your organization, your mentors, and your mentees are taken care of.

Case Study: Customer Experience Professionals Association

One of the most successful components of CXPA’s community has been its Mentor Match program. See how they elevated their member experience by achieving a mentor relationship rate of 100 matches in the first year.  

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