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10 Newsletters That Community Professionals Need to Read

Be sure to check out all of them, and tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite!

Be sure to check out all of them, and tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite! Sidenote: these newsletters are listed in no particular order, and you should definitely check them all out!

1. Gather Community Consulting

Be sure to sign-up for the bimonthly newsletter by Gather Community Consulting. Founded by Carrie Melissa Jones, a community strategist and thought-leader that we often feature on our blog, and author of Building Brand Communities, this newsletter is intended to give you resources that you can’t find elsewhere. The Gather newsletter is designed to help you, community professionals, get unstuck, remind you of the big picture, and provides, “a real, raw account of what it’s like building community in the trenches”. This newsletter is always filled with data-backed research studies, reports, personal stories, and more. This is one you don’t want to miss—so sign-up today!

2. Jono Bacon

Do any of you remember the amazing webinar that we held on how community can supercharge your brand, business and teams? Yes—that was the one hosted by Jono Bacon, none other than the author of People Powered. Signing up will not only provide you with newsletters, but it will also give you exclusive access to new content, webinars, special programs and prizes. Focusing on internal and external community strategy and management—and everything in between—this is a newsletter that you need to register for!

3. Feverbee

If you’re in-the-know about anything and everything in the community space, you’ve most certainly heard of Feverbee. If not, I can bet that you’ve heard of Richard Millington, Feverbee’s Founder and the author of Buzzing Communities. Richard has been working in community since 1999, and now his company, Feverbee, helps high end organizations develop bigger, better, and more active communities by providing them with direct consultancy, strategies, training, and resources. Over the past ten years, Feverbee has helped over 270+ brands build a best-in-class community experience. This is a newsletter that you don’t want to miss, especially if you love thought leadership! That being said, be sure to subscribe!

4. Devrel Weekly 

We can’t talk about awesome newsletters without talking about DevRel Weekly. This community newsletter focused on Developer Relations is created by none other than Mary Thengvall, the Director of Developer Relations at Camunda and author of The Business Value of Developer Relations. DevRel Weekly is designed to deliver a curated list of articles, job postings, and events on a weekly basis, saving subscribers the time and effort of scouring the web for the latest information. Be sure to register for this newsletter if you’re interested in staying in the community loop—especially if you work in developer relations!!


Speaking of developer relations, have you checked out the newsletter by This weekly newsletter is brought to you by Hoopy, Founded by DevRel thought leader Matthew Revell, who also happens to be the founded DevRelCon. Hoopy, a developer relations and experience consultancy, helps companies to understand and work with software developer communities. Signing up for this weekly newsletter will provide you with access to great content, so be sure to sign up today!

6. Sharehold 

Be sure to sign up for “In Progress” — the newsletter brought to you by Sharehold. Sharehold is an organization dedicated to community and design, which takes a people-driven approach to change. Founded by Sarah Judd Welch in 2018, Sharehold helps organizations build thriving communities and helps organizations deliver on what customers actually want. Sharehold has worked with dozens of top brands, including Google National Geographic and UPS. Be sure to sign-up for their newsletter to make sure you never miss out!

7. CMXhub

Alright, now if you’re a fan of community strategy and always want to fuel your mind with top-notch thought leadership, you have to register for the CMXhub newsletter. CMXhub is the premier network for community professionals, and was founded by David Spinks, the VP of Community at Bevy. This popular newsletter has over 10,000 subscribers, which is no surprise given that it’s dedicated to helping community professionals thrive. Be sure to sign-up and be among the thousands of community professionals looking to ensure their industry knowledge is always up-to-date.

8. Community Roundtable 

If you love research and data, be sure to register for the Community Roundtable newsletter. The Community Roundtable works to provide their clients with proven and practical strategies for community success, backed by strategic community models, frameworks, research, and expertise. Have you ever heard of the State of Community Management Report? Well, the Community Roundtable is the organization who creates and delivers these powerful annual research pieces—I myself often browse their library, which is stacked full of a variety of well-written and thoughtful research reports. These people know what they’re talking about, and I’d highly recommend signing up for their newsletter.

9. Community by Association

Community by Association was founded by Marjorie Anderson, the Manager of Digital Communities at the Project Management Institute. As an online resource for community managers in the association space, this organization aims to connect online community managers to content and information that will help build thriving communities. That being said, you absolutely need to subscribe so that you can be notified every time they release a new blog.

10. Community Chat Weekly

Last, but certainly not least is Community Chat Weekly, which delivers a wealth of content from those working, or interested in, the community space. This newsletter is powered by Substack, which provides users with the ability to create their own newsletters and write amazing peer-to-peer content—and Community Chat Weekly is exactly that. Designed for community professionals, written by community professionals. Don’t miss out and register today!

Sarah Robinson-Yu