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Deliverability Manners With Amanda – Uncovered URLs

It’s not nice to go out in public uncovered – don’t let your URLs do it!


Hello! Welcome to another episode of Deliverability Manners with Amanda!

Don’t forget to watch with your pinkies up!

You wouldn’t go out in public naked, would you? Well neither should your URLs!

Exposed URLs coming from an email service provider, or ESP, may not match the tracked URL that’s linked. This means spam filters can confuse these with phishing attempts and send your email straight to junk.

So cover up those URLs! Leaving them naked might get your emails jailed by the spam police.

That’s all for today – join us next week for another episode of Deliverability Manners with Amanda. Something you want to see covered? Let me know in the comments below – but be sure to type with your pinkies up!

Amanda DeLuke

Amanda DeLuke, CIPM, is an Information Security Assurance Specialist at Higher Logic and certified in privacy management. Her deliverability expertise turned into a curiosity and passion for all things privacy & security. She is a Program Chair for M3AAWG (Internet Anti-Abuse working group) and a member of the International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP). While she’s not busy at work, she is a mom to identical twin boys and a volunteer mentor and cycling coach for young girls.