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Mobile Apps in Associations: Highlights from the State of Mobile Benchmark Report

How does your association compare when it comes to implementing mobile apps?

Higher Logic and Results Direct | RD Mobile have collaborated to provide valuable data to help associations benchmark their use of event, mobile, and other apps by producing the State of Mobile in Associations Benchmark Report, the first and most comprehensive report of its kind for the association community.

The Mobile Benchmark Report provides unique insights into:

  • How associations are using mobile apps
  • How members are adopting those apps
  • Which apps are most used by associations
  • What associations are paying for their apps

How was the Mobile Benchmark Report produced?

Association executives from 145 associations across the United States participated in a 43-question online survey to share information about their organizations’ use of mobile apps to:

  • Support conferences and events
  • Communicate with and serve members
  • Provide information and value to the public

The associations represented 59% professional and 34% trade associations with international, national, and state memberships. Their memberships vary in size and represent more than 32 different professions, industries, and sectors – including Healthcare/Medical, Research/Science, Education, Manufacturing, and dozens of others.

Survey respondents were 50% CEOs/Executive Directors and Senior Leaders.

What are the highlights/opportunities for mobile apps in associations?

Event apps are now widely used by associations to support their conferences and events (82% use an event app). But it’s surprising to learn that:

  • 33 different event apps are used by Mobile Benchmark Survey respondents
  • 3 Top Event Apps are used by 43% of respondents
  • 53% of respondents use an app for events with fewer than 250 attendees

Member apps have been slower to catch on, with 33% of associations either using them or looking to offer a member app in the near future. Associations using member apps cite these benefits:

  • Providing timely, mobile-accessible content
  • Communicating more effectively with members
  • Engaging members year-round
  • Enabling member self-service
  • Engaging younger/diverse members

If you’re looking for an Event App or Member App that delivers ROI, RD Mobile has your answer. Schedule a meeting to discuss your event or year-round mobile engagement needs.

RD Mobile is the official mobile app for Higher Logic Super Forum 2024.

For the full, 32-page State of Mobile in Associations Benchmark Report, download a complimentary copy now. You can also request a “deep dive” of data specific to associations like yours – by organization type, size, sector, or other criteria.

Katie Atkinson
Katie Atkinson

Katie Atkinson is President & Co-Founder of Results Direct | RD Mobile, an award-winning web and mobile solutions firm serving 300+ associations across the globe. She has worked in and for associations for more than 35 years, beginning her career at GWSAE (now ASAE) after working in advertising and at the BBC in London. She’s won 4 national awards for marketing and also consulted with Verizon Long Distance and Marriott International.