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Super Forum Fireside Chat with Higher Logic's Customers

A Tech Conference to Remember: Why You Can’t Miss Super Forum 2019

Higher Logic’s 10th Annual Super Forum, November 18-20, is a tech conference for anyone who wants to deliver the best customer or member experience.

You’ve been to tech conferences, but you’ve never been to a tech conference like this. Higher Logic’s Super Forum is for anyone who wants to deliver the best customer or member experience possible. We believe that’s done through connecting people – by bringing your users all together. And now, it’s your chance to come all together and connect in person at Super Forum 2019.

You won’t want to miss these seven opportunities at our annual conference.

1. Community, Community, Community

New this year, HUG In Real Life (HUG IRL) will be a place where you can experience all your favorite parts of the Higher Logic Users Group (HUG) – in person.

Your HUG community manager, Shannon Emery, will be hosting what we hope becomes one of your favorite parts of Super Forum! HUG IRL centers on meeting your virtual HUG connections, learning about your Higher Logic resources, and working on a hands-on activity to give back to the local community.

Even if you’re not in HUG every day or are curious about what it’s all about, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the benefits of our online community in person.

2. Dream. Build. Go: Higher Logic’s Product Roadmap

Higher Logic Chief Product Officer James Willey and other members of the product team will reveal our latest product roadmap at this year’s Super Forum. They’ll preview new features with purpose that will deliver impactful experiences for you and your users or members.

Want to go in depth on a specific subject? The product team will be offering closer looks throughout Super Forum and hosting their first-ever Product Pod.

3. Expert Help on Demand

In need of some advice or strategic guidance? You’re in luck!

You’ll have your pick of Higher Logic’s education, customer success, customer support, community management, and marketing automation gurus at our 1×1 consulting sessions and topic pods. We are at your service and ready to help work through any problems you have.

Sign-ups for these slots are coming soon, but so you’re prepared to choose which one you want, here’s the gist:

  • 1×1 Consulting Sessions: Your dedicated time with a Higher Logic expert, who will help you work through any issues or questions you have. Last year, one of our attendees from the CREW Network said, “this experience alone was worth the cost of my Super forum registration, flight, and hotel,” and that, “It’s what you dream about every day that you’re in the office.”
  • Topic Pods: Designated areas with Higher Logic experts, set aside for discussion around specific topics. This is a group setting, where you can listen in and discuss other attendees’ questions, or ask your own.

4. Two Keynotes with Thought Leaders

Let’s put it plainly: Our keynotes this year are going to be awesome.

You’ve been to tech conferences where the keynote speakers are inspirational celebrities, but you come away thinking “what did that have to do with my job?”

But at Super Forum, you’ll hear from inspirational speakers who are also experts in their field and can speak to real goals you’re working toward, like customer loyalty, and growing your business.

  • Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of Chief Customer Officer, holding the first ever CCO role at large companies like Lands’ End, Microsoft, and Coldwell Banker. She’s considered the “godmother” of customer experience.
  • Andrew Davis built and sold a thriving digital marketing agency, and he’s practiced in teaching business leaders how to grow their business, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Don’t miss out on hearing from these experts!

Check out a recap of last year’s (also awesome) keynotes: ICYMI: Key Takeaways from Our 2018 Super Forum Keynote Speakers 

5. 80+ Breakout Sessions

This year, we’re offering five different tracks for our 80+ breakout sessions. You can hop in and out of tracks and pick the sessions that sound most relevant to you. You’ll have your choice of what you want to focus on, like best practices, lessons learned, and platform tips and tricks.

But don’t take my word for it – check out the full agenda for yourself, and start planning your schedule.

6. Networking and Connecting

As always, spending time getting to know each other and learning from each other is one of the best parts of Super Forum. There’s nothing like being in the same room with people who are trying to solve the same challenges you are.

One of last year’s attendees from The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) said it better than we can: “Connecting with people. I think that’s what this community is really good for. HUG does a great job of doing that virtually, but it’s nice to get some fact-to-face time and plan out what is working on your community and what isn’t working and build those ideas. Those hallway conversations are sometimes the most valuable ones.”

7. Your Selection of Trusted Vendors

Some attendees list our sponsor/exhibitor section as one of the best parts of Super Forum – not what you’d expect, right? But we carefully select vendors who can make your tech stack shine. Most of our exhibitors integrate with your Higher Logic solution, so that you’re truly building a digital solution, not a hodgepodge assortment of tech tools.

In fact, listen to Crayola’s Professional Development Leader’s take on it: “I didn’t realize all the third party partnerships that you are able to bring to the table to create more of a digital solution, not just a community with add-ons…This was an ‘ah-ha’ moment at this conference, but I think it’s a big value for Higher Logic to bring the partners together to be a one-stop shop.”

And finally, in case you were wondering…

Who Can Attend Super Forum?

You! We welcome our customers, partners, and anyone who is interested in learning how to better engage their customers, members, or users.

Download the Engagement Trends Report 2020

Jenny Pan

Jenny is a former Higher Logic Customer Marketing Manager at Higher Logic. When she’s not at work, she can be found exploring the DC food scene, reluctantly doing cardio, and playing with her pup Potato.