AHRI Saves 360 Hours of Staff Time by Automating New Member Onboarding Campaign

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The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is a non-profit association representing 20,000 members that sets the standard for HR practitioners in Australia, focusing on learning and development opportunities for people management, HR, and business skills. They use iMIS as their member database.

Alex Nugent, Digital Communications Coordinator, and team developed a new onboarding program that starts the conversation with new members early to deliver value upfront. And they’re not only connecting with members early, they’re seeing huge increases in staff efficiency and cost reduction.

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Communicating Value to Members

AHRI noticed a worrying downward trend in membership exit surveys and engagement metrics. They feared members didn’t see the value of membership. The main source of member and AHRI engagement took the form of sales, renewals, or customer support, rather than more meaningful interactions. AHRI needed a consistent, holistic communications strategy that engaged and excited members right from the beginning of their relationship with the association.


Automated Drip Campaigns to Engage New Members

AHRI embarked on a complete digital transformation, overhauling their entire communications program, and implementing automated drip campaigns with Higher Logic. These emails get attention, too—they’ve seen an average email open rate of almost 13% and an average click-through rate of 74%, with the single highest click rate on an email campaign of over 94%.


“Marketing isn’t about making a sale, it’s about building a relationship. To do that, we needed the campaign to be value-focused, rather than sales-focused. We wanted to show the member what they’re entitled to, and how to access it. With our new, automated email campaigns, Higher Logic helps us create those relationships.”

Alex Nugent Digital Communications Coordinator, Australian Human Resources Institute

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