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ASIS International Took Their Online Community Up A Notch With Higher Logic Thrive

ASIS International saw upgrading to Higher Logic Thrive as an opportunity to enhance their community, ASIS Connects, and make their member experience better than ever. Members and staff love the modern homepage and activity feed, quicklinks, and brand-new features like Smart Newsletter.

As an existing Higher Logic Online Community customer, ASIS International already knew they could count on Higher Logic’s systems, top-notch customer support, and advice from a network of fellow users in the Higher Logic User Group (HUG). Upgrading to Higher Logic Thrive presented an opportunity to enhance their community, ASIS Connects, and make their member experience better than ever. They were excited to capitalize on the modern homepage and activity feed, user experience improvements like quicklinks, and brand-new features like Smart Newsletter to elevate the work they already do to engage their members.

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“At the end of the day, it’s about the member experience. What do we want that to be? We really want members to be able to go to the homepage and see highlights of what we have as an association. With Higher Logic Thrive we can do all that, and we can do RSS feeds from our job board and can potentially use modules to create a speaker expert directory and manage events, which lets us streamline the member experience. Plus, our members love it, and that’s what matters most.”

Monica Escobar

Senior Manager, Member Engagement, ASIS International

Building on a Strong Foundation

Going into their Higher Logic Thrive upgrade, ASIS International was ready to build on the existing success of their online community and generate some new buzz around refreshing the design and user experience. Their marketing and communications teams used the launch to generate conversation around new enhancements and reiterate the value of membership via the ASIS Connects platform – they even engaged a number of Connects ambassadors from their membership and developed a series of videos and social posts that addressed the redesign and the utility of the platform.

“Getting our online community members to participate and engage is one of the most important parts of my job. Higher Logic Thrive provides so many tools to help. One of the most valuable tools for me is the automation rules, which let me set up logic-based rules to activate messages to specific sectors of the community. I save a lot of time using these to make members more aware of their benefits, and I’ve received a lot of appreciation from our members.”

Monica Escobar

Monica Escobar

Senior Manager, Member Engagement, ASIS International

Generating Buzz

Since the upgrade, ASIS International has received a lot of great feedback. Within two weeks, they were hearing that their members loved the new look and feel as well as the user-friendly navigation – and having members notice the upgrade generated the buzz they were looking for. Sharing new features with members boosted engagement with ASIS Connects.

Plus, by running membership renewal reminders through the community the generate a bump in member engagement during renewal periods. Members are more aware of and invested in their member benefits than ever.

“On the member homepage, we love the activity feed that calls out discussions, announcements, library entries, quicklinks and more. And our members are noticing too – it gives them more content right when they log in. The profile completeness highlight on the homepage is also really useful for gamification as – members like to now see their contributions and points.”

Monica Escobar

Senior Manager, Member Engagement, ASIS International

Internal Buy-In

Internally, staff are finding more and more uses for the community. The marketing team is especially excited about the logged-out homepage, which allows them to share teasers and entice nonmembers to come on board. Staff are also exploring ways to host a speaker/expert directory through the community.

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“Everyone loves the new look and feel. Members have been sharing their excitement about the social-media style activity feed and the easy navigation. Staff love it too – even those at the very top of the chain of command – and having internal buy-in makes a huge impact on being able to make the best of this tool and grow membership and engagement.”

Monica Escobar

Senior Manager, Member Engagement, ASIS International

About ASIS International

ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners. They have 34,000 members (in more than 150 countries) from virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, and organizations of all sizes. They offer a range of educational programs, publications, resources, and tools as well as events, developed in consultation with leading industry experts. Security professionals worldwide, can collaborate, share insights and lessons learned, discuss best practices, network, and ultimately strengthen global ties within the security profession (something that benefits citizenry around the world).

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