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ACN Tripled Email Engagement And Reduced Emails With Dynamic Newsletters

Streamlining and Personalizing Member Communications

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) uses Higher Logic’s marketing automation software to deliver exceptional experiences for members. It enables them to easily personalize messaging, reduce inbox crowding, increase their open and click rates, and ultimately drive higher member engagement and satisfaction.


Increase in Open Rates


Increase in Click Rates

3x more

clicks than industry benchmarks

Creating Cohesive, Customized Newsletters

Originally, multiple departments within ACN were sending out different communications to their members. Members might receive up to three disconnected individual emails a week. ACN used Higher Logic’s marketing automation tools to reduce inbox crowding and streamline their member communications.

They built a single email newsletter using Higher Logic’s dynamic content components (story-level targeting) to create blocks of content that show up (or don’t) based on each member’s unique interests. This newsletter now goes out once a week, with different subsections targeted to specific segments of their overall member audience. They even use dynamic targeting to surface certain stories at the top of the newsletters based on member account information, like a member’s region!

Better, More Effective Email Touchpoints

By reducing email volume, the association doesn’t have to worry that they’re bombarding members with emails. And because emails don’t appear in inboxes as frequently, the emails warrant more attention and engagement when they do.

Open rates have improved from 30% to 35%. And more importantly, click rates have improved from 3% to 9%. ACN also found, when compared to industry benchmarks, ACN is now beating click benchmarks by 3x the historical rate. Anecdotally, the additional clicks translate to higher engagement, better member experiences and improved satisfaction.

‘For us, aggregating content into a dynamically populated newsletter email once a week was warmly received by our members, as resulted in significantly higher open and click rates.’

Braden Hon

Braden Hon

Digital Content Coordinator, Australian College of Nursing

About The Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is the national voice of the nursing profession, focused on policy, advocacy and education. ACN keeps nurses informed, connected and inspired and is committed to ‘Shaping Health, Advancing Nursing’ to enhance health care for all Australians. They use iMIS as their association management system.

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