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Educational Theatre Association’s Online Community Boosts SEO

Tags: Member Acquisition, Member Engagement

Educational Theatre Association

The Opportunity

Before launching their Higher Logic community in, the Educational Theatre Association (EdTa) wasn’t ranking highly in search results, limiting their digital exposure as a thought leader to existing and prospective members.

The Strategy

EdTA launched their Theatre Education Community with Higher Logic, and left it open to both members and anyone who wanted to join or visit. The community created an invaluable environment for educators and boosted organic search traffic enormously.


Increase in organic keywords


Increase in monthly SEO clicks


Increase in search ranking

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“One of my goals is to expand our audience and bring more traffic to our website, and the community is a really critical tool in helping us do that, in a way that no amount of marketing can do.”

Allison Dolan

Chief Content Officer, EdTA

Online Community Increased Digital Exposure and Member Acquisition

EdTA’s engaged membership, combined with its open community, has boosted the association in search, vastly increasing traffic to their website and establishing them as a key leader in the theatre field.

The high quantity and quality of user-generated content is indexed and ranked by Google, which has increased the number of organic keywords ranks for, boosted monthly clicks, and improved the site’s position in search results.

This helps the association reach more members and potential members than ever before.

Leaving the community open also makes it a great first step for potential members to check out what the organization has to offer. Out of 13K active community members, 7K are not members of EdTA – and by welcoming them to the community, EdTa now has an avenue to let them know about membership.

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About The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA)

The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) is a professional association for student and teacher thespians. EdTA uses the Theatre Education Community to bring theatre educators and professionals all together, with the ultimate goals of boosting their careers, igniting their passion, and helping them help students pursue theatre. Their member database is Euclid – ClearVantage.

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Online Communities Generate Highly Relevant Industry Content

Want to stand out as a thought leader in your field? An online community can help! Create a thriving online hub for networking and discussion - all while improving your web traffic and SEO.