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Golf Management Australia Tripled Member Engagement with Online Community

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The Challenge

Before GMA built their Higher Logic Online Community, they had an online forum that “just sat there on the website” and didn’t drive engagement.

Why They Chose Us

They were inspired to leverage Higher Logic’s expertise building online communities to deepen engagement across their membership and within regional and provisional segments.

An Ace in the Hole

Golf Management Australia (GMA) uses Higher Logic Online Community to increase their relevance and bring their members together with an online community. Before launching their community, their members in capital cities were fairly connected, but those outside the cities were less so. GMA wanted to see more collaboration between GMA members so they could share strategic advice, solve challenges, and develop new approaches.

After launching their Higher Logic Online Community, GMA saw


More Member Engagement

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'For an association like ours, with people all over the country, I think it’s a fantastic culture builder and great for our association’s relevance in sharing information. Members create the energy to power the system and that’s what we’ve always wanted.'

Paul Vardy

Chief Executive Officer, Golf Management Australia

Setting Up the Tee Shot

With guidance from Higher Logic on how to interact with Beta and early adopters of their new online community, Golf Management Australia was able to identify and engage a core group of brand champions early on who could help them set up the perfect tee shot. They also prepared seed questions to drive interest, discussion and activity.

'I get a real buzz in the morning when I see new names appear on the GMA Member Community Digest. More and more members have confidence to raise their issues and questions on the system, which is great.'

Paul Vardy

Paul Vardy

Chief Executive Officer, Golf Management Australia

Preparation Helped GMA Execute the Perfect Drive

Since the launch of their online community, GMA has seen steady growth and engagement with members. They saw their key engagement markers (particularly website page views, discussion group subscriptions and replies, and library entries) triple in only 8 months.

The community has brought members together who might not have otherwise had a chance to connect, and it’s taken very little effort on GMA’s part – members generate the discussion and engage other members.

GMA has also noticed that the community is a great ongoing source of information and problem-solving for their members. Certain discussion topics pop up time and again. Sometimes, if one member is ahead of the curve addressing a particular challenge, their thread might not initially receive a lot of interest, but later it will gain attention when other members find themselves facing the same challenge.

About Golf Management Australia (GMA)

Golf Management Australia (GMA) is a national body representing the golf club management industry with a vision of developing professional leaders in golf and club management in Australia. They have around 400 members. GMA uses membes as their association management system.

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