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Integrated, Automated Membership Renewal Campaign Grows VHMA Revenue By $18,000

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The Challenge

The low-cost email provider VHMA was using didn’t adequately support their ability to connect and market to their members. They wasted a lot of time managing data.

The Solution

VHMA switched to Higher Logic Thrive Marketing to leverage its seamless integration with their AMS. This saved them time, improved their data quality, and made their marketing more effective.

The Results


less time

spent managing member campaigns



in year over year member renewals



membership revenue

Integrating Data for Seamless Email Campaigns

The Veterinary Hospital Administrators Association (VHMA) started out with a low-cost email marketing platform. But as they advanced they realized they needed something better. Their current provider didn’t offer integration with their association management system (AMS), which created data quality concerns and process inefficiencies that sucked up a lot of staff’s valuable time.

VHMA switched to Higher Logic Thrive Marketing because of its seamless integration with their AMS (YourMembership). The integrated systems improved data quality, enabled VHMA to plan membership communication farther in advance, and empowered their team to launch automated marketing campaigns.

easy implementation process

“Honestly, it was an amazingly seamless implementation. I have been through multiple integrations before and they have never moved this smoothly.”

Christine Shupe

Executive Director, VHMA

Renewal Campaigns Are More Effective and Take Less Time

VHMA used Higher Logic Thrive Marketing to successfully revamp their membership renewal campaigns. Because they can now easily use the data from their AMS to personalize marketing campaigns via their integration, staff now spend 50% less time managing their membership campaigns (despite actually increasing the number of messages they send). They’re able to plan communication strategies and send their membership marketing much farther in advance.

Their membership marketing campaigns are also more effective, resulting in a 5% increase in year-over-year renewals, which generated $18,000 in additional membership revenue.

“Our database is live and changes minute to minute. If someone was added to our database yesterday, they are in the campaign today. It is instant, and that is unbelievably important.”

Christine Shupe

Christine Shupe

Executive Director, VHMA

About the Veterinary Hospital Administrators Association (VHMA)

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities, serving over 2,700 members.

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