Services Description – Community Advisory Services


This Services Description (the “Services Description”) sets forth certain strategic services provided by Higher Logic with respect to the Community Advisory Services referenced on the Order Form (referred to below as the “Community Advisory Services”). The Order Form and Services Description are subject to and governed by the Master Subscription Agreement between the parties referenced in the Subscriber’s Order Form (the “Master Subscription Agreement”). Defined terms shall have the meaning accorded to such terms in the Master Subscription Agreement unless otherwise set forth herein.

By executing the Order Form to which this Services Description is attached, Subscriber hereby expressly agrees to all terms and conditions of the Order Form, this Services Description, and the Master Subscription Agreement. In the event of any conflicts in terms among the Order Form, this Services Description and the Master Subscription Agreement, the terms of the Master Subscription Agreement shall prevail.

Scope of Services:

Higher Logic will provide certain services related to the Subscriber’s Online Community as set forth below. The engagement phases, scope, and all included deliverables will be defined below.

Strategic Services Engagement Approach

The Community Advisory Services will adhere to a phased delivery model and will consist of activities set forth below in the Delivery Framework section. For the avoidance of doubt, the Community Advisory Services will begin upon Subscriber’s execution of the Order Form which references the “Community Advisory Services” and upon Subscriber’s confirmation of readiness to start the Community Advisory Services.

Engagement Roles & Responsibilities

The following roles and responsibilities required for this project for both the Subscriber and Higher Logic are outlined below.

Higher Logic Team

Higher Logic will provide people resources throughout the Community Advisory Services. The resources assigned to the roles described in the table below will provide the services and deliverables outline in the services description.

Higher Logic RolesResponsibilities
Higher Logic Strategic Consultant (“HL Consultant,” or “Community Strategist”)The Strategic Consultant will provide ongoing strategic planning and engagement strategy advisory services.
Higher Logic Premier Support RepresentativeHigher Logic will designate a point of contact to serve as the Support Representative and primary point of contact for the subscriber’s Support cases. The Support Representative will be responsible for addressing the subscriber’s Support cases and conducting monthly check-ins to review outstanding items.

Higher Logic may, at its discretion and upon reasonable notification to the Subscriber, reassign individuals in any of the roles listed above.

Subscriber Team

The Subscriber will provide people resources as listed below to deliver required inputs. In the event of a change to a key resource, the client will provide Higher Logic with reasonable notification to ensure a resource transition occurs. The Subscriber and Higher Logic may supplement the resources and roles as necessary to ensure project completion.

Subscriber RolesResponsibilities
Point of Contact (“POC”)


Subscriber will designate a single point of contact (the “POC”) to facilitate communication during the engagement. The POC will remain the single point of contact for all required Subscriber planning and approvals related to the Community Advisory Services.
Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s)


The POC may identify certain Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s), either a team or individual responsible for collaborating with the POC and the Higher Logic Consultant to assess the Online Community, provide inputs regarding Online Community strategy and content. As directed by the POC, they may provide inputs and will have the responsibility to develop a basic level of understanding of the Online Community’s features and functionality. 


Key Activities and Deliverables

Engagement Management

Higher Logic’s Community Strategist will facilitate an annual strategic planning cycle with Subscriber stakeholders. Planning includes data gathering and preparations activities as well as delivering a Community Strategic Plan and 6-month Community Roadmap comprised of the goals and execution plan for their community.

The activities and deliverables for the Strategic Planning workstream are outlined below: 

ActivitiesDeliverablesTypical Timeline
  • Kickoff call (at engagement inception)
  • Stakeholder survey and interviews
  • User surveys
  • Mid-year Strategic Review (virtual meeting)
  • Community Strategic Plan
  • 6-month Community Roadmap
  • Project Plan 

Note: Each deliverable list above will be refreshed and updated after mid-year review.

Initial planning cycle within 3-4 weeks of Execution of the Order Form and each anniversary thereof.

Mid-year reviews completed 5-7 months after delivering 6-month Community Roadmap.


Deliverable Descriptions
The following defines each deliverable in this workstream:

Community Strategic PlanAn overview of organization’s goals for the community, and how they map to organizational strategic goals. A summary of the 6-month community roadmap that will drive achievement of those goals.Presentation
6-month Community RoadmapThe tactics, organized by month, to employ over the next 6-months to achieve the business goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.Online planning tool
Project PlanDetailed outline of tasks with designated owners and timelines required in order to deliver upon the Community Roadmap.Online planning tool


Subscriber’s Responsibilities

  • Designate the main point of contact and identify the membership stakeholder team.
  • Provide access to staff and members for surveys as necessary, including access to user contact information (e.g. email addresses).


  • The Mid-Year Strategic Review will be conducted virtually by the HL Community Strategist and Community Manager. The POC will coordinate schedules for the Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s), participate in the virtual strategic review meeting, and provide updates on Subscriber’s organizational strategic priorities that may have changed since the initial Community Strategic Plan and 6-month Community Roadmap were put together.
Advisory & Analytics

Higher Logic’s Community Manager and Community Strategist will conduct regular review of progress towards goals outlined in the strategic plan.

The activities and deliverables for this workstream are outlined below:

ActivitiesDeliverablesTypical Timeline
  • Community Health Review Meeting with Subscriber POC (monthly)
  • Community Impact Report Review with Subscriber POC and Subscriber executive audience (as determined by Subscriber, no more than one (1) time per quarter)
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Community Health Summary
  • Community Impact Report
Ongoing monthly or quarterly as outlined.


Deliverable Descriptions
The following defines each deliverable in this workstream:

Community Health ReviewA monthly scorecard for up to three (3) communities which identify areas that are exceeding, meeting, or lagging the metrics of success outlined in the community strategic plan along with recommended actions and adjustments.Presentation
Community Impact ReportAn executive summary of progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the community strategic plan and roadmap. Delivered up to one time per quarter.Presentation


Subscriber’s Responsibilities

  • Subscriber POC will request Community Impact Report Executive Review meetings as desired by executives.
  • The Subscriber POC will coordinate schedules for the Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s), participate in the virtual review meetings. The Higher Logic Community Strategist and / or Community Manager will participate in these meetings.


  • Monthly and/or quarterly review meetings are held virtually via an online meeting.
  • Monthly Community Health and Impact Report Reviews are typically 60 minutes in duration.
  • The first Community Health Review will be compiled within four (4) weeks of the Go Live Date for new subscribers, or at the end of the first calendar month, whichever occurs first.
  • The first Community Impact Report may be delivered within 3 months after the Go Live date and no more than quarterly through the end of the contract cycle.

Opportunities to learn more about leveraging the Higher Logic product.

The activities and deliverables for this workstream are outlined below:

ActivitiesDeliverablesTypical Timeline
  • Quarterly Product Focus Group (No more than one (1) time per quarter.)
  • Quarterly Private Roundtable Event (No more than one (1) time per quarter.)
  • Super Forum Registration (No more than one (1) time per year.)
  • Super Forum registration access


Within three (3) months of the contract start date and no more than quarterly throughout the contract cycle.

Super Forum registration will be provided one (1) time per year, ahead of the annual event.


Deliverable Descriptions
The following defines each deliverable in this workstream:

Super Forum Registration accessThe subscriber will receive two (2) complimentary registrations to Higher Logic’s Super Forum.Online registration tool


Subscriber’s Responsibilities

  • The Subscriber POC and Subscriber Membership Stakeholder(s) are encouraged to attend and participate in the quarterly events.
  • The Subscriber POC will be responsible for completing Super Forum registration.


  • The Subscriber will only be invited to attend the Product Focus Group after the Implementation Go-Live date.
  • The Subscriber will receive two (2) complimentary Super Forum registrations; any additional registrants will be paid for by the Subscriber.
Premier Support

The Higher Logic Premier Support service provides customers with a designated point of contact for issue oversight and advocacy within Higher Logic as well as an enhanced response SLA.

The activities and deliverables for this workstream are outlined below:

ActivitiesDeliverablesTypical Timeline
  • Bi-weekly status review calls
  • Priority case routing
  • Monthly open case reports
Ongoing throughout the duration of the Strategic Services engagement (after initial community launch)


Deliverable Descriptions

The following defines each deliverable in this workstream:

Monthly open case reportsA summary of the Subscriber’s open cases, status updates, and suggested workarounds.Presentation


Subscriber’s Responsibilities:

  • Subscriber will leverage the Support Center Knowledge Base as needed.
  • Subscriber will submit support tickets for their organization. Higher Logic will have the Subscriber’s account set up as a premier support account in our systems and will route the case to the Premier Support Representative.


  • Higher Logic Premier Support provides governance and increased responsiveness over standard support SLAs. The Enhanced Response SLA can be found here.
  • In the case of a user escalation that requires a phone call to a user, the phone call outreach will be conducted by the Subscriber POC or Subscriber Member Stakeholder at the organization.

Key Dependencies: Technical & Engagement Considerations

Subscriber acknowledges that, because certain Community Advisory Services may take place in parallel to, and/or be dependent upon, Subscriber’s timely Online Community Implementation, unless otherwise agreed upon during the Kickoff Call, Online Community Implementation will take place approximately ninety (90) calendar days from the Kickoff Call (or approximately ninety (90) calendar days from the date Subscriber confirms readiness to begin the Platinum Services if that date is after the Kickoff Call). The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that any delay in Online Community Implementation may impact Subscriber readiness and delay the Community Advisory Services.

Engagement Assumptions

Higher Logic Community Managers will not communicate with Subscriber points of contact via the Subscriber’s internal intranet or chat (ex: Slack, Skype).

Any travel, meals, and accommodation expenses for onsite visits, if any, will be paid by the Subscriber. Higher Logic will work with Subscriber to ensure flights and hotels are booked with Subscriber’s preferred providers (where applicable) and within reasonable rates.

All services will be performed by Higher Logic remotely. Subscriber acknowledges that Higher Logic may provide the Community Advisory Services from any of Higher Logic’s locations of operation.

Services will be performed from Monday through Friday during Higher Logic’s regular business hours at the location where the Services are performed. Alternative arrangements must be mutually agreed upon, in writing, by both the subscriber and Higher Logic.

Subscriber will provide Higher Logic with no fewer than two (2) business days’ notice for any scheduled meetings.

The Subscriber is expected to enroll and consume Higher Logic’s on-demand training resources to adequately onboard. Subscriber may in its sole discretion register for additional training, including but not limited to: live public training, distance learning training, webinars, on-demand learning, learning paths, custom private on-site training available at Higher Logic’s then current rates.

Higher Logic reserves the right to reassign resources, reschedule and/or re-prioritize the Community Advisory Services or any milestone related to the Community Advisory Services in the event that Subscriber is not responsive and/or in the event that the Subscriber requests a delay of the Community Advisory Services. For the avoidance of doubt, any delay in Online Community Implementation may, as set forth above, delay the Community Advisory Services.

Out of Scope Services

The parties acknowledge and agree that the tasks and activities listed below are, without limitation, outside the scope of the Community Strategy & Management Services and are not provided by Higher Logic as part of the Community Strategy & Management Services. If Subscriber requests an out-of-scope service, whether included on this list or otherwise determined by Higher Logic to be out-of-scope (a “Change Request”), Higher Logic will consider such a request and may, at its sole discretion, provide such additional services under a time and materials (T&M) fee of $200 per hour. If requested, Higher Logic will prepare a cost estimate and timeline for the additional services and, upon Subscriber’s execution of an order form detailing the Change Request Services, will commence work. Higher Logic reserves the right to decline any change request.

Services considered out of scope for Community Strategy & Management Services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Technical:
    • Subscriber’s Online Community implementation
    • Website page, data and/or content migration
    • Custom software development requests, platform enhancements or add-on functionality (ex: Javascript)
    • Management or use of the organization’s AMS/CRM
    • Product changes/ enhancements
    • Integration changes (e.g. adding demographics, SSO changes, security groups)


  • Community Management:
    • Creation and ongoing management of a content calendar, engagement tactics, and moderation for subscriber’s communities.
    • Management of events and all related content creation, including but not limited to:
      • Presentations or resources for events or conferences
      • Event promotion
      • Coordination, management, or facilitation of any online community meet-ups at an event or conference
      • Management of an event of conference community.
    • Marketing material creation, including newsletter emails, graphic design, social media posts, one-pagers, infographics, or PDF’s for the purpose of promoting the community, including the use of 3rd party tools (ex: Mailchimp, Venngage)
    • Maintenance and execution on a tagging taxonomy to organize resources, including the application of tags to any resources and discussion posts
    • Custom metrics or key performance indicator dashboard creation, custom reporting, custom data visualization (ex: infographic), or the management of third-party analytics tools (ex: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager)
    • Custom creation of videos, including marketing videos, screencasts, recordings of site demos, or delivery of webinars
    • Custom creation of Subscriber-specific support manuals (ex: Playbooks, Handbooks, Toolkits, Guides) with operating procedures on Higher Logic features or functionality.
  • Design:
    • Design of any graphical elements of the community site or communications, including but not limited to, ad creation, email design, carousel updates, onboarding resources/guides, and automation rule ribbons or badges.
  • Other:
    • Delivery or design of Custom Trainings for staff members or content users
    • Participation in internal meetings with the Subscriber’s organization outside of the designated virtual meetings for the purpose of managing the Online Community, including but not limited to Subscriber’s staff meetings or board meetings
    • Business dealings, negotiations or material creation for the Subscriber’s internal department, investor, or vendor meetings (ex: board meetings)
    • Selection, coordination, and contracting with third-party vendors


Payment as set forth in the Order Form.