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Higher Logic Announces its 2023 Super Forum Customer Award Winners

Winners recognized for driving member engagement through innovative community and marketing initiatives

ARLINGTON, VA (April 12, 2023) – Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human focused engagement platform, is pleased to announce the winners of its 2023 Super Forum Customer AwardsThese annual awards recognize Higher Logic association customers that are driving member engagement and organizational outcomes through community and marketing automation. 

“Over the last year, our association customers have inspired us with their commitment to creating powerful member experiences through innovation with purpose,” says James Wiley, Chief Product Officer and EVP, Association Market at Higher Logic. “We are thrilled to celebrate these award winners’ commitment to driving the engagement and outcomes their members need to grow and thrive.” 

This year’s Super Forum Customer Award winners were recognized in eight categories: Community of the Year, Best Community Design, Industry Innovator, Most Valuable Community Champion, Most Valuable Community Manager, Most Valuable Digital Marketer, Data Pro and Best Email/Campaign Design.  

Community of the Year – AFP Connect 

This year’s Community of the Year, AFP Connect, is the go-to-forum for professional fundraisers to connect, ask questions and solve day-to-day issues to help create more impact in their communities and around their world. Positioned to grow organically, AFP Connect aligns with the Association of Fundraising Professional’s strategic goal to “Increase Capacity and Strengthen Community” within the fundraising sector and the level of engagement speaks for itself. In under five years, the community has seen 25,000 total posts within 5,000 threads.

Best Community Design – ISA Connect 

Launched in 2020 and relaunched in July 2022ISA Connect made Higher Logic Thrive its own by mimicking the navigation from its main site to create cohesion for its members. The enhanced design creates an easy-to-navigate community that provides opportunities for members to connect, engage in technical discussions, share insights and build professional networks.  

Industry Innovator  Tiffany RuvalcabaAssistant Director of Learning & Innovation, California Primary Care Association

As the Assistant Director of Learning and Innovation at the California Primary Care Association, Tiffany Ruvalcaba has brought the association’s Connected Community to the forefront of member engagement, innovating different ways for them to connect. From a “coffee break” with fun ice-breaker activities to a summer contest where the more members engage the more badges they earn, Tiffany is constantly looking for new ways for members to build community and succeed.  

Most Valuable Community Champion – Association of Change Management Professionals 

The team at Association of Change Management Professionals is this year’s Most Valuable Community Champion. Their dedication to the community has had a direct impact on member engagement over the last six months with a 24% increase in first-time logins, a 17% increase in total logins and a 27% increase in total discussion posts 

Most Valuable Community Manager – Quinn Drew, Community Engagement Manager, Rotary International 

Quinn Drew is the first to serve in the role of Community Manager at Rotary International. Through their dedication and strategic management of Connect by Rotary, members are able to connect through an online community that features membership opportunities, knowledge sharing and volunteer matching.  

Most Valuable Digital Marketer  Trevor Layton, Communications Manager, SEMCOG 

Through digital communication initiativesTrevor Layton of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments is able to educate, engage and connect with members of Southeast Michigan’s local governments, media, policymakers, partner organizations and others. With more than 33,000 subscribers, Layton has helped to conduct 146 meetings with communities, 23 workshops and published more than 458,652 emails.  

Data Pro – Association of Change Management Professionals 

The ACMP tracks its community’s performance monthly with a performance tracker and then at the end of each quarter, they summarize the data, share it with the virtual community committee and analyze it to determine where to pivot and how to provide better support to volunteer facilitators. Additionally, the data drives annual planning, helping to inform priorities for the upcoming year.  

Best Email/Campaign Design – California Special Districts Association 

The California Special Districts Association creates an 11-email automated marketing campaign for its trial members that is designed to share key benefits, so that prospective members have a full understanding of what the association offers prior to joining. Through this campaign, this association has seen a conversion rate of around 50% with an open rate of nearly 37% and a click-thru rate of 13.5%. 

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