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Higher Logic Podcast

The Member Engagement Show

The Member Engagement Show is the podcast for association professionals tasked with boosting retention, gaining new members, and deepening member engagement. Guests share expert advice on the many facets of building and providing ongoing value to members. You’ll come away from each episode with strategies proven to transform your association or organization.

Featured Episodes

  • Innovation

    May 2024

    AI for Associations with Conor Sibley

    Higher Logic's Chief Technology Officer, Conor Sibley, shares his knowledge of emerging technologies, types of AI that go beyond generative AI, ways associations can use AI to personalize member experiences, and a look at Higher Logic’s new AI toolset.

  • May 2024

    Learning from 10+ Years of Community with Diana Mertz

    Diana Mertz, Sr. Director of Membership and Engagement with the American Staffing Association shares tips and lessons learned from 15 years' experience in association management and over 10 years working with ASA's online community.

  • April 2024

    Email Tips and Benchmarks with Amber Worthen

    In this episode, we talk with Amber Worthen, CEO of Email Maven, which provides comprehensive email platform support primarily for associations. The episode explores how to accomplish a lot with a small email marketing team, effectively use automation, provide a more targeted experience for members, and more!

  • association job board

    April 2024

    Careers + Community = Member Engagement, Revenue, and More with Sarah Spinosa

    In this episode, Kelly and Sarah Spinosa talk about how to use association job boards to assist members in their career growth, sustain your industry, gain insight into your field, generate revenue, and increase the value of your association community!

Higher Logic Thrive Jobs helps you facilitate career development while strengthening engagement with a job board right in your Higher Logic Thrive Community.

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