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Non-Dues Revenue Success Kit

Set your organization up for a solid financial future with flexible, non-dues revenue streams.

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Associations Need Non-Dues Revenue

Non-dues revenue is any income that your association generates that does not come from membership fees. Having income streams beyond member dues is key to keeping your association sustainable. Non-dues revenue provides a wealth of benefits for your association by supplementing your financial resources. You’re better able to invest in programs and member services, support your association’s technology and staff, and keep membership fees affordable.

Higher Logic Thrive opens up tons of opportunities to bring in more revenue – many of our existing customers have more than paid for the cost of their platform by selling sponsorship, advertising, and job postings.

Explore our tips and resources below to help you create and maintain a successful non-dues revenue strategy.

Template: Customizable Advertising Prospectus

Higher Logic Thrive not only makes it easy to engage your members, it also makes it easy to generate non-dues revenue. Based on successful sponsorship and advertising programs from our customers, we’ve created a Sample Advertising Prospectus to show you how to monetize your Higher Logic Thrive investment. Delight sponsors with year-round exposure, off-set technology costs, and support new opportunities and resources for your members!


woman listening to association podcast for ideas

Podcast: Non-Dues Revenue Trends and Tactics with Teri Carden

On this episode of Higher Logic’s podcast, The Member Engagement Show, we’re joined by Teri Carden, creator of Non Dues-A-Palooza, which brings together association thought leaders and professionals to explore new and innovative ways to generate and implement non-dues revenue for associations. Teri discusses today’s non-dues revenue landscape, examples of non-dues revenue streams, insights into what sponsors are looking for, and more!


On-Demand Webinar: Preparing Your Association for Economic Uncertainty

In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever for associations to diversify their revenue streams. On this webinar, our experienced panelists explore ideas for collecting non-dues revenue (sponsorship, job boards, merch, etc.), how technology can support your non-dues efforts, how to get a sponsorship up and running (plus tips for adjusting existing programs), and more!


eBook: Monetize Your Online Community

Online communities aren’t just good at improving member retention and revenue – they’re also great platforms for generating additional revenue. Learn how to use your community for advertising, vendors, events and more to help your organization flourish.


Blog Posts

How to Generate Non-Dues Revenue

Non-dues revenue, which is income generated from sources other than membership fees, plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the programs and services your association offers. It’s a fundamental pillar for financial stability and growth. Explore some of the ways you can bolster your association’s non-dues revenue, and learn more about how to set up successful sponsorship and advertising programs.


Job Boards Power Revenue, Engagement, and Value

Beyond their role in member engagement and career support, job boards can be a robust source of non-dues revenue for associations. Read this recap of our popular podcast episode – or listen now!


Integrate your LMS with Community to Grow Revenue

Learn how to pair your LMS with community to grow your revenue, increase member satisfaction, and create deeper connections with and between your members through your virtual education program.


Sponsorship and Beyond

In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever for associations to think about diversifying their revenue streams. But how do you cultivate opportunities that will delight both members and sponsors? And what are some other ways to generate non-dues revenue besides sponsorship? Learn some key strategies you can start from in Higher Logic’s guest post for CSAE.


4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

Advertising is a great way for your association to bring in more non-dues revenue. Explore these 4 tips to help you do it strategically.


Explore How YOU Can Bring in More Revenue

It's easy to leverage Higher Logic Thrive tools to bring in more revenue. Many of our existing customers have more than paid for the cost of their platform by selling sponsorship, advertising, and job postings. Learn how we can help you!