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Component Management Solutions

Give member groups their own personalized space in your community with the Component Management solution.

Easily enable chapter, section, group, or component leaders at scale.

  • Manage the experience

    Manage the experience

    Empower component leaders to thrive.

    • Allow them to add members, create polls, and moderate the community.
    • Leverage component-specific ads to further personalize the member experience or monetize the community.
  • Communicate effectively

    Communicate effectively

    Leaders can customize the experience for their members.

    • Enable communication via messaging tools and prepopulated templates in the community.
    • Track success at the component level with group-specific reporting.
  • Create and manage events

    Create and manage events

    In-person or online, leaders have a place to manage events for their community.

    • Solicit RSVPs so you know how many attendees to plan for.
    • Accept payments with dynamic pricing for members or non-members.
    • Easily track and report on important event activities including registrations and payments.

Make their community experience even more personal with component management.

Engage chapters

Give chapters special tools they can use to manage and engage their own groups.

Empower leaders

Enable group and chapter leaders with all the tools they need to engage their community.

Promote events

Customize microsites at the organization level to promote your event, whether it’s your annual event or a one-time occasion.

Explore our Component Management Solutions

  • Microsites

    Dedicated experiences for every member segment

    Show members the content that matters most to them with custom, uniquely branded webpages.

    Show members the content that matters most to them

    Custom, uniquely branded webpages, events, blogs and participation opportunities tailored just for those members.

    Give events the attention they deserve

    Create dedicated event sites and easily manage the details.

  • Group Manager

    Empower group leaders

    Everything they need to run their community efficiently.

    Enable communication 

    Keep leaders in touch with their community, all within limits you set.

    Track success

    Group specific reporting gives leaders a way to track, improve, and showcase engagement.

  • Nested Communities

    Personalized experiences for each group

    Provide a personalized, intimate experience for each chapter with a unique community.

    Tools to organize communities

    Seamlessly manage different groups with different permissions, giving or keeping as much control as you want.

    Keep communities connected

    Make sure they stay connected to the overall community with tools that make it easy to share organization-level content.

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Ready to deepen member engagement with your chapters, events, and communities?

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