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Higher Logic Thrive

Higher Logic Thrive Jobs

Facilitate career development while strengthening engagement with the job board that enhances your Higher Logic Thrive Community.

Don’t lose users to other outlets — keep them engaged while generating a new source of non-dues revenue and a prospective member pipeline with Higher Logic Thrive Jobs.

  • Jobs in the Feed & Built-In Search

    Jobs in the Feed & Built-In Search

    Relevant career opportunities stream right into the intuitive and easy-to-navigate Higher Logic Thrive Community feed, plus a search feature allows members to proactively seek out what they’re looking for.

    • Members easily discover jobs that match their expertise to further their careers and impact on the industry
    • Career opportunities find your members where they are within your community
    • Reinforce the value of community by keeping members engaged
  • Community Profile Integration

    Community Profile Integration

    One profile spanning multiple purposes: your member’s Higher Logic Thrive Community profile becomes their job board profile.

    • Make the member experience more enjoyable by reducing the number of profiles members must maintain
    • Single-sign-on means members don’t bounce between different platforms to find the relevant career opportunities they’re looking for
    • A robust job board deepens the value your association delivers to members and the industry overall

Engaging Members, Empowering Associations

Help members excel

As the industry authority, members will spend even more time within your community as you fulfill all of their professional needs, helping your association demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Increase non-dues revenue

Your association generates revenue from what sponsoring companies pay to post their jobs while nurturing the future of the industry – a win-win!

Create a pipeline of prospective members

Non-members can apply for positions via your job board – generating a new pipeline of potential members. Easily add them to a prospective member nurturing campaign to help them understand the value of membership.

Jobs is now included with these Higher Logic Thrive products

  • Community

    Your members, connected

    Discussions, Q&A, libraries and events bring your members together and keep them coming back.

    Uncover deeper insights

    Track activity trends, discussion topics, and searches in the community for deeper insights into what your members need.

    Scale as you grow

    Grow your community offerings through third-party integrations or additional functionality like learning, mentoring, and multisite management.

  • Platform

    The complete member engagement solution

    All the features of community and marketing automation in one integrated experience.

    Designed with you in mind

    Higher Logic Thrive Platform was made for associations, built on years of experience, research, and feedback with solutions to your challenges built right in.

    Streamlined, usable member data

    Bring the full member experience together, whether you’re prospecting, managing renewals, or growing non-dues revenue.

    Get started quick

    Prebuilt communities and email campaigns, tailored to your needs, get you up and running in no time at all.

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