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Associations // Higher Logic’s Super Forum 2023 is only a month away on April 10-12! In addition to an agenda packed full of sessions to help your association improve and grow, here are 5 more reasons you won’t want to miss this...

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Higher Logic’s Super Forum 2023 is only a month away on April 10-12! In addition to an agenda packed full of sessions to help your association improve and grow, here are 5 more reasons you won’t want to miss this event: 

  1. Keep up with association trends

    Making your association future-proof – or at least making sure you’re positioned to adapt – is essential to staying relevant to existing and new members. It might sound daunting, but planning a year out isn’t enough. You have to be thinking about 3-5 years ahead or else you’ll find yourself in a reactive instead of proactive position. Super Forum 23 is the perfect place to explore what associations should be thinking about as they look forward to the future. Hear from leaders in the field like Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE, President and CEO of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and Reggie J. Henry, CAE, Chief Information and Performance Excellence Officer of ASAE. Get ideas from what your peers are doing. Take home information on trends your organization needs to stay ahead of the game. 

  2. Earn CAE credits:

    Super Forum attendees can earn up to 5.75 CAE credits. These credits can be used to keep your Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential current.

  3. Network with association peers

    There’s a reason Higher Logic uses the hashtag #AllTogether. As the leading association community software provider, we know that having a community to rely on and making connections with people who are addressing similar challenges makes a huge impact on your ability to thrive in your job. Super Forum 23 is literally designed to encourage our customers to learn from each other and to gain inspiration from the great work you all do. If you’re thinking about ways to improve your marketing automation, or trying to integrate your community with your AMS, or brainstorming ways to reach new members, you’re sure to find someone at Super Forum who’s been there, done that. Fellow attendees can tell you all about their experience – including what worked well (or what didn’t) – so you can get a head start in your own journey. 

  4. Learn how to use new and existing tools from Higher Logic to make your work easier

    No matter which Higher Logic tools you use, you can learn how to optimize your Higher Logic investment at Super Forum 23. We’ll also be showing off the newest tools and how you can make the most of our platform. Learn about our recently launched, Higher Logic Thrive Jobs, which lets you seamlessly integrate a job board with your online community to attract new members, facilitate your members’ career development, and strengthen their engagement. Tune in for Product Roadmap sessions for information on upcoming platform enhancements that will make communicating with and engaging your members even easier and more streamlined. Check out sessions to help you figure out how to harness the power of your community data, save time with marketing automation, increase ROI by using Higher Logic Community tools to host your microsite, and more!

  5. Get personalized answers and discuss solutions

    In a similar vein, Super Forum 23 is a great place to ask questions and strategize around your specific challenges and product needs. We have “Ask Me Anything” sessions where you can directly ask questions about how to use the Higher Logic products you have (Higher Logic Thrive, Community, Marketing (Informz or RealMagnet), etc.) to engage members and make your day-to-day processes easy and scalable. You can also stop by our Higher Logic Thrive Live station in the expo area to ask questions and get help with your Higher Logic account, or explore upgrades that would help your association level up. 

There’s so much to gain at Super Forum 23 – sessions will guide you through how to enhance your member experience, diversify your revenue streams, and set your association up for success. In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of trends and tactics to keep your members renewing and to help your association thrive. And – as you know from supporting your own members – it’s a lot more manageable to do that with a community of colleagues beside you. We hope to see you there! 

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