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engaging email designs for associations

10 Examples of Beautiful Email Designs for Associations

Get inspired by these engaging email designs for associations, with insights on each from our email designers.

Engaging email design is key to achieving campaign success, and that’s no different when you’re considering your email marketing or marketing automation campaigns.

While writing great email content is always important, email design is also a big part of your overall member engagement strategy.

That’s why we had our team of designers handpick our favorite designs for this post. These emails, created by or for customers with Higher Logic’s Communications platform, span across email campaign types, from a monthly newsletter to event registration.

Plus, be inspired by insights from our designers on what they love about these email designs.

1. Event Promotion

On average, associations derive nearly 60% of their revenue from sources other than membership dues – non-dues revenue. Widespread event cancellations have caused associations to pivot their strategies and rely heavily on paid opportunities like virtual events, webinars, online courses, and certifications.

How you promote these events through email is important. That’s why a great email design like the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons used can help catch your members’ attention during a time when attention spans are limited.

event promotion email design

What we loved about this email design: Alternating layout maintains interest on desktop and stacks flawlessly on mobile.

2. Event Promotion 2.0

The California Primary Care Association’s email design is another look at how to incorporate eye-catching branding for event promotion. When you are considering using images and HTML in your email designs, make sure you take into account these email deliverability tips.

Mobile view:

mobile view event promotion email design

Desktop view:

desktop view event promotion email design

What we loved about this email design: Bright colors and strong shapes tie together content and branding.

3. Seasonal Greeting

Engaging your members isn’t just about sending information – it’s also about building a relationship. Emails like the seasonal greeting below can help you establish those personal connections with your members.

seasonal greeting email design

What we loved about this email design: Eye-catching color scheme ties in with a clear call to action to engage audience.

4. Monthly News

Your newsletter is an important outlet for communicating with members. A great email design, incorporating your branding and conveying important information in an organized way, will help you engage your readers.

monthly news email design

What we loved about this email design: Plenty of white space helps separate stories for easy reading, keeping recipients engaged.

5. Calendar

Get your members up to speed on what’s going on at the association with an overview of your events calendar. Whether you want to promote online community events, courses, or your annual conference, creating an email design similar to the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ will serve you well.

calendar email design

What we loved about this email design: Simple list display of events with clear separation between each item makes this template easy to edit and easy to read.

6. Newsletter

Member communication is one of the most important elements of growing and maintaining your association, not to mention building strong relationships with members. The look, timing, and content of your communication is key. Chartered Professional Accountants Manitoba’s eNews uses a fun, well-branded email design to communicate latest association news to members.

newsletter email design

What we loved about this email design: Clear hierarchy of information using color, size, and white space in multiple sections ensures concise communication.

7. Weekly Digest

You want to engage members in your online member community – what better way to do it then to share the latest and best conversations? The International Facility Management Association uses this email to get members re-engaged.

weekly digest email design

What we loved about this email design: Short and simple layout conveys a clear main story and two secondary stories, centered on a bright call-to-action so the audience knows where to go next.

8. Announcement

Do you have big news for members? Maybe you’re launching a new online community, or maybe you just released dates for your annual conference. Or maybe, it’s your 150th anniversary, like it was for Pi Beta Phi! Use a fun, creative design to share the news.

announcement email design


What we loved about this email design: Decorative images give context to the message in a clean, attractive way.

9. 1 x 2 Layout

Does your association have something simple to communicate, or are you looking for a good template for your member renewal notices? Try a simple, 1 x 2 layout to share the information clearly.

1x2 email design layout

What we loved about this email design: Blocks of color and text blend image and color to create a cohesive, simple design.

10. Virtual Event Promotion

We have to say a little more about this one, because the National Confectioners Association (NCA) won our Super Forum award for Best Email Design this year. Just like many of you, they had to pivot their annual conference to virtual. But, with well-designed email branding, they generated record turnout at their virtual event, Washington Forum @ Home, which they held over a 3-week period instead of a one-day event.

national confectioners association email design

What we loved about this email design: NCA’s brand is woven in creatively and beautifully throughout, with a design that leads you through the email.

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Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell is the former Content Marketing Manager at Higher Logic. She’s passionate about communities, tech, and communicating about both effectively. When she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her cooking, reading, gardening, or playing volleyball.