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International Womens Day at Higher Logic

Own Your Voice: Celebrating International Women’s Day at Higher Logic

In honor of International Women’s Day, Higher Logic’s Women in Technology (WiT) Community is recognizing those who have helped us find our voices. #IWD2020

Higher Logic’s Women in Technology (WiT) Community kicked off 2020 by launching the theme of “Own It.” This year, our goal is to connect and assist in the professional growth of women through individual visibility and community advocacy.

We’re using community to come together and share our experiences of how we have found or are still learning to find our voices as professional women. And in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re recognizing those who have helped us find our voices.

Own Your Voice.

It’s not an easy task. There’s a fear of being labeled with negative stereotypes around what a woman “should” be like. Female mentors inspire us to expand our outlook and see what’s possible.

For many of us, it’s been hard to narrow it down to just one person – and we’re so grateful for that. We’re sharing a collection of letters written by women in our community to those who have shaped them.

We’re recognizing women whose strength to succeed and overcome adversity made an impact on us professionally and personally.

Hear from Lisa, a Higher Logic employee in Sydney, Australia, as she thanks Lauretta for helping her #OwnIt.

We remembered mentors who took initiative to challenge us and push us forward.


Thank you for all of the times you pushed me outside of my comfort zone, to reach higher and not be afraid of standing tall. I don’t always remember this; it’s a lesson that I’ve had to come back to over the years. I need these pushes at times, and I always remember it was you that gave me that first big push. Looking back, that was a game-changing moment, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it to this day.


We commended women who modeled what great leadership looks like.

Listen to Jenny, a remote employee, share how Deb helped her #OwnIt.

We reflected on the impact of women who inspired us to overcome stereotypes proving that inclusivity and diversity make us all better.

Dear Ronnie,

I remember my first interview with you, just a little finance temp who wasn’t sure what she was going to do in life just yet and trying to find some footing. You gave me the job and then came back a day or two later and firmly said “You’re actually going to do this other role because I think you can do it.” I didn’t even argue because I was so excited because it was one of the first times someone outside of the normal groups believed in me. You continued to guide me even after I wasn’t your report. I learned to walk into a room with my head held high and to own my business. Once I found my footing (hello community management), you were always there. A quick stop by to check-in, a hug, a word of advice, and if you had them, french fries. I occasionally miss your hugs and watching you own a room like no one’s business but I’ll always take those lessons with me. Thank you, Ronnie.


We thanked the role models who taught us to stand up for what we believe in.

Hear Heidi, one of our New York-based employees, describe how Pat made impact on her life.

We appreciated women who gave us the opportunities we needed to thrive.

Dear Rosanne,

I want to thank you SO much for the way you invested in me. I’m incredibly lucky that you took a chance on hiring me right out of college, entrusted me with meaningful work, and really believed in me. You always encouraged me to own my creativity and gave me projects where I could do that. Thanks for the coaching and the life lessons, as well as being a great manager. Your mentorship has been invaluable to me.


We celebrated all the ways that we at Higher Logic can inspire those around us to #OwnIt.

Hear as the women of Higher Logic share what owning it means to them.


How will you #OwnIt this year?

A special thanks to all the women who participated in this project.

WiT is a collaborative space for the women of Higher Logic to share professional resources and create connection with each other. The group provides networking events, professional development opportunities, and an online community to collaborate and share ideas.

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Maggie Mitchell

Maggie was formerly the video production specialist at Higher Logic, where she also served on the Women in Tech Committee. Her creative background includes 3D animation, motion graphics, and video production. As a member of two local book clubs and proud Hokie, she loves a good story and takes VT football way too seriously.