Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Made Simple

Capture, convert, and measure engagement along every stage of the digital experience

We’re not here to teach you marketing, or tell you what your users need. You already know that. We’re here to help you cut through the noise, to automate without being robotic, to create better (not more) content, and to support your community of users.

Marketing automation should be simple: create quality and efficient interactions. You’re busy, they’re busy. So let’s automate to tell a better story, create content that actually helps, and engage people to improve their day, not just our own. And saving time on daily tasks for more meaningful interactions doesn’t hurt, either.

Higher Logic Marketing Automation Professional

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Attract and retain members efficiently and effectively. Automate and personalize your communications, so every member receives exactly what they need. Track and report on every action. Focus on member communications, renewal, recruitment, and event registration.


Here’s a quick run-down of exactly what you’ll get:

Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Easy navigation makes for fast onboarding, without any graphic design support or prior HTML experience. Visualize your campaigns with a step-by-step canvas, and build new marketing assets quickly.

User-friendly template designer

Create emails and templates with drag-and-drop functionality (or access a full library of pre-built templates). Plus the mobile-friendly, smart stacking technology automatically stacks, spans, and resizes copy and images without any extra work on your end.

Out-of–the-box automated campaigns

Communications and campaigns can start now — just browse common business uses like welcome campaigns, event registration, member renewal, and new member recruitment.

Strong AMS integrations

We partner with all leading AMS providers, meaning you get a complete picture of a member’s contact and activity history. Personalize any communication based on AMS data, and write back any email activity to your AMS.

Website tracking

Use website tracking to gather valuable activity to further refine targeting and messaging in campaigns.

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Higher Logic Marketing Automation Enterprise

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Create processes and track conversions at every stage of your sales lifecycle. We’ll help you generate, manage, and measure the impact of personalized content for any prospect, member, or customer. Plus our infographic approach to reporting helps you quickly parse and report on the best metrics for engagement, conversion, and campaign progress. The focus is on lead generation and sales enablement.


Here’s exactly what you’ll get to prioritize leads and business metrics:

Deep CRM/AMS integrations

We integrate directly with your CRM or AMS, providing a two-way exchange of marketing data with email, web, and social interactions. The information is always current, accurate, and easily segmented. And it’s all in one location.

Extensive tracking, reporting, and analytics

Get powerful insight into how all your marketing channels contribute to your bottom line. Check out dozens of reports that pull key metrics for you, or use custom, advanced analytics to create your own. Effectively measure conversions and campaign impact at every stage.

Custom automated workflows/campaigns

Create custom campaigns from scratch with our Workflow Builder. Or take advantage of out-of-the-box campaigns for everything from lead generation to event registration — and quickly convert any template into Workflow Builder for more complex campaigns. Either way, it’s easy to nurture leads with advanced workflows, personalized journeys, and calls-to-action.

Social media integrations with automated engagement

Automatically publish email messages to social channels or share via iMessage. Streamline content creation across all channels with digital cards: snippets of content with an actionable visual. And did we mention real-time tracking for all of it?

Contact scoring and website tracking

Rank your contacts by their engagement scores, based on any interactions with content, email, or social channels. Use web pages as triggers for enrollment in marketing automation campaigns. Then track it to gather valuable activity to further refine targeting and messaging in all campaigns.

Template designer with built-in Adobe Creative tools

Create custom, impactful visuals for your campaigns without a designer or any Adobe training. Keep it fun, easy, and creative with a built-in suite of tools and an advanced content editor.

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