Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Made Simple

Capture, convert, and measure engagement throughout all your marketing campaigns Higher Logic Marketing Automation can help you structure your interactions so that your members and non-members receive tailored, relevant messages at precisely the right time. Achieve time savings by focusing on the strategic elements instead of the manual and repetitive tasks. Deliver superior campaigns with dedicated resources. Use insights to drive your future marketing efforts and improve ROI by increasing engagement.

Higher Logic Marketing Automation supports the:

  • Creation of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and manual processes
  • Analysis of campaign performance
  • More actionable insight into member and prospect engagement

Marketers using automation software generate twice as many new members than those using simple blast email software

Higher Logic Marketing Automation Professional

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Out-of-the-box marketing automation

Attract and retain members efficiently and effectively by automating and personalizing your communications, so every member receives exactly what they need. Easy to use drag-and-drop designer tools with no HTML empower your marketing team to create new marketing assets easily. Track and report on every action in your member communications so your marketing team can focus on renewal, recruitment, and event registration.

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Higher Logic Marketing Automation Enterprise

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Configurable marketing automation

Create processes and track conversions at every stage of the member or customer’s lifecycle with your brand. Generate, manage, and measure the impact of personalized content using powerful, configurable, and flexible Marketing Automation tools. Build your lead generation and sales enablement pipeline and track your success with easy to use reporting and graphics tracking engagement, conversion, and campaign progress.

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