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Higher Logic Thrive

Higher Logic Thrive Marketing Overview

Boost engagement and create efficiency with personalized communications and automated campaigns.

Confidently send the right message to the right person at the right time with Higher Logic Thrive Marketing’s industry-leading 99% deliverability rate.

  • Flexible Templates

    Community and Events

    Save time with easy-to-use pre-built email templates. Want to build your own? You can do that too in our simple WYSIWYG tool or in HTML.

    • Customizing your templates to your brand has never been easier, plus you can save them so you don’t need to rebuild with every send.
    • Test templates using a virtual inbox and apply changes to templates currently in use.


  • Dynamic Content & Segmentation

    Dynamic Content & Segmentation

    Easily refine your targeting to make messages feel personal.

    • Target group segmentation helps you effectively tailor your communications.
    • Show sections of your emails to a subset of subscribers with powerful story level targeting.
  • Automated Campaigns or Messages

    Automated Campaigns or Messages

    The choice is yours! Use robust automated campaigns designed on years of experience, research, and feedback with solutions to your challenges built right in – or send individual, standalone messages.

    • Easy-to-build individual messages are effective for sending urgent communications or newsletters.
    • Create staff efficiency with automated campaigns triggered on member data, activity, or inactivity.
  • Web Tracking

    Web Tracking

    Use digital body language to better understand your contact’s interests.

    • Understand exactly how members are engaging using activity data that can be reflected on their member record.
    • Apply insights gained from user activity to understand how to deliver membership value.
  • Landing Pages

    Landing Pages

    Easily collect leads, showcase your content, or help you collect information on people who are interested in any event, program, or service your association offers.

    • Create gated assets with a form in a snap. Feed those individuals into a target group for nurturing.
    • Collect interest on any topic or RSVPs on events your association holds for further communicating with that segment.
  • Engagement Scoring & Analytics

    Engagement Scoring & Analytics

    Gain insight from engagement scoring, reporting, and web tracking so you can refine your offerings and prove ROI.

    • Proprietary engagement scoring helps you understand how engaged your members are so you can take action before it’s too late.
    • Email analytics help you refine your programs to make them even more effective.

Powerful Member Experiences in One Easy-to-Use Platform

Drive member acquisition

Grow your audience through automated campaigns, targeted messaging, and understanding what prospective members are looking for.

Boost member engagement

Remind your members about the valuable benefits you offer and keep them informed about what’s happening in the industry.

Increase member retention

Member engagement scores help you understand who’s at risk and how to mitigate that to make renewal decisions a no-brainer.

Flexible Pricing for Associations of All Sizes

  • Marketing

    Engage each individual easily

    Tailor every email or automated campaign with dynamic content, segmentation, and personalization. Integrations with your AMS or online community make adding lists a breeze.

    Simplicity is built in

    Save time with pre-built email templates and automated campaigns based on nearly two decades of association experience.

    Refine your programs with data

    Gain insight from engagement scoring, reporting, and web tracking so you can refine your offerings and prove ROI.

  • Community

    Your members, connected

    Discussions, Q&A, libraries and events bring your members together and keep them coming back.

    Uncover deeper insights

    Track activity trends, discussion topics, and searches in the community for deeper insights into what your members need.

    Scale as you grow

    Grow your community offerings through third-party integrations or additional functionality like learning, mentoring, and multisite management.

  • Platform

    The complete member engagement solution

    All the features of community, marketing automation and member management in one integrated experience.

    Designed with you in mind

    Higher Logic Thrive Platform was made for associations, built on years of experience, research, and feedback with solutions to your challenges built right in.

    Streamlined, usable member data

    Bring the full member experience together, whether you’re prospecting, managing renewals, or growing non-dues revenue.

    Get started quick

    Prebuilt communities and email campaigns, tailored to your needs, get you up and running in no time at all.

Are you ready to thrive?

See how Higher Logic Thrive can help you make a positive impact on the complete member lifecycle.

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