Online Communities

Build a secure, dynamic, and private online community for your organization

Give your customers, members, and prospects one secure location to interact, engage, and build value. Higher Logic’s Online Community platform is flexible, scalable, and easy to work with, allowing organizations of any size to create a vibrant community of their own.

7/24/2018 to 8/7/2018

Calculating the ROI of an Online Community

Join us on August 7 at 2PM ET for a 15-minute spotlight webinar to learn how to calculate the ROI of an online community — live!

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Core Features

Tap into the power your community can generate with our multi-faceted suite of community tools and services.

Automation Rules Icon

Automation Rules

Stay organized and active with rules-based logic to improve targeted communications and effectively track conversion metrics.

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Directories Icon


Create a private social network for members to manage industry profiles, form communities, and connect with peers and colleagues.

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Discussions Icon


Give community members a place to collaborate, ask questions, provide answers or resources, and discuss the hot topics of the day.

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Event Calendar Icon

Event Calendar

Provide a single source of updated information for your events and make it simple for users to find and engage the ones that matter most to them.

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Mobile Friendly Icon

Mobile Friendly

Deliver a useful, relevant, and smooth community experience for all members that adapts to virtually any screen size or mobile device.

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Resource Library Icon

Resource Library

Build a knowledge base of best practices, go-to-market plans, sample documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more.

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Widget Builder Icon

Widget Builder

Build widgets to connect your community and the outside world - customize any content with easy configuration and CSS editing options.

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Wiki Glossary Icon

Wiki Glossary

Give your community members ownership of a dictionary to create, edit and add industry terms, and help educate each other.

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Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together, by giving their community a home where they can interact, share ideas, answer questions and stay connected.

Additional Modules and Services

Check out everything Higher Logic offers in addition to its platforms and core features.

Activity Sync Icon

Activity Sync

Gain a 360-degree view of member engagement – track activity to capture trends and collect business intelligence between your CRM/AMS and community.

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Community Mobile Apps Icon

Mobile Apps

Set up community apps to use for both extended community activity and upcoming events so your members are always connected.

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Content Manager Icon

Content Manager

Staff and volunteer leaders can easily create and manage branded websites for annual conferences, chapters, committees, councils, ad hoc groups, or special events.

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Event Manager Icon

Event Manager

Offer your event teams the tools to schedule and administer any type of meeting or event, from free webinars to complex multi-day conferences with paid registration.

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Expert Directory Icon

Expert Directory

Create a searchable resource of industry leaders, speakers, and subject matter experts for any of your organization’s events, meetings, and conferences.

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Mentor Match Icon

Mentor Match

Connect experienced mentors with ambitious mentees to share resources, experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

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Volunteer Manager Icon

Volunteer Manager

Run a thriving, automated program that encourages volunteerism at all levels, using an intuitive system to easily find, track and reward member engagement.

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LMS Icon


Customize your community learning environment to offer the right products to the right learners, at the right time.

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Workspace Icon


Workspace’s integrated components support the unique needs of teams engaged in complex collaboration and long lifecycle projects.

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Reviews Icon


Reviews let you create a trusted site for your members to rate and review the other vendors that they use on a regular basis.

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Group Manager Icon

Group Manager

Empower volunteer leaders to engage with and understand their unique groups by targeting, engaging with, and tracking the success of individual groups.

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Nested Communities Icon

Nested Communities

Use a tiered organization system to match the structure of your organization while giving each group or community a dedicated, unique space.

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Ideation Icon


Solicit ideas from within your community for anything from event sessions to product feedback, keeping members invested throughout the whole process.

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