Online Communities


The ultimate engagement tool for your association. 

Online Communities

Build a community that drives awareness, engagement, growth and retention.

Higher Logic gives your association the tools to build connections for collaboration, learning, and loyalty among your members. Empower those members with an ability to communicate and share information on their time with resources, best practices, and experience that will be valuable for both them and your association. Develop a member culture based on vibrant discussions, quick response times, better relationships, and a depth of knowledge.

Product Overview

Higher Logic was built to increase engagement, loyalty, and retention – create a space for your members to engage with each other and your organization.

Key Benefits

Build engagement

Bring members together to interact, share information, and engage on a deeper level.

Retain members

Create an invaluable member benefit for resources and relationships.

Recruit new members

Members-only content drives demand to join and participate in an exclusive community.

Give members a voice

Communicate easily and on your schedule from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Build an industry knowledge base

Share knowledge that’s searchable, easily discovered, and a benefit to all members.

Develop stronger interactions

Your private forums are secure keeping your members and your association safe.

Generate non-dues revenue

Targeted advertising connects members with relevant messages and increases ROI.

Build awareness

Improve brand exposure and credibility with crowdsourced content that boosts SEO.

Higher Logic supports:

Resource Libraries
Automation Rules

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly
Analytics and Reporting

Volunteer Manager Video

Make it easy to find, track, and reward volunteer engagement with Volunteer Manager. Personalize every member’s volunteer journey and embrace different types of volunteerism.

“This solution serves us well not just for today, but for the next decade. Our members can contribute, share, and collaborate through our community, which is tightly integrated with our association management platform.”

Rachael Bell, Digital Communications Manager
The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA)

Make a Connection
Online Community Modules

Every community has different needs. Higher Logic has a full suite of modules to build the community that meets your needs.

Activity Sync

Gain a 360-degree view of member engagement – track activity to capture trends and collect business intelligence between your AMS and community.

Content Manager

Staff and volunteer leaders can easily create and manage branded websites for annual conferences, chapters, committees, councils, ad hoc groups, or special events.

Event Manager

Offer your event teams the tools to schedule and administer any type of meeting or event, from free webinars to complex multi-day conferences with paid registration.

Expert Directory

Create a searchable resource of industry leaders, speakers, and subject matter experts for any of your organization’s events, meetings, and conferences.

Group Manager

Empower volunteer leaders to engage with and understand their unique groups by targeting, engaging with, and tracking the success of individual groups.


Solicit ideas from within your community for anything from event sessions to product feedback, keeping members invested throughout the whole process.


Customize your community learning environment to offer the right products to the right learners, at the right time.

Mentor Match

Connect experienced mentors with ambitious mentees to share resources, experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

Mobile App

Set up community apps to use for both extended community activity and upcoming events so your members are always connected.

Nested Communities

Use a tiered organization system to match the structure of your organization while giving each group or community a dedicated, unique space.

Volunteer Manager

Run a thriving, automated program that encourages volunteerism at all levels, using an intuitive system to easily find, track and reward member engagement.


Integrated components support the unique needs of teams engaged in complex collaboration and long lifecycle projects.