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May 16, 2022

Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Annie Henderson

This spring, we’re celebrating six Marketing Movers and Shakers in the association marketing space. Next up, get to know Annie Henderson, corporate marketing manager at ASBO International.


Our Marketing Movers and Shakers are leading the way with innovative ideas, great processes, and sharp marketing! We’re excited to recognize our six association winners in this series of blog posts. Today, let’s meet Annie Henderson.

Annie Henderson is Corporate Marketing Manager at ASBO International. ASBO International is the Association of School Business Officials, a global network of the people who manage the finances of school districts around the world.

Annie’s Marketing Moves

Communicate by member segment

In April 2020, ASBO International launched a new membership model called School District Membership, which provides membership to an entire district staff instead of just one person. They now offer it as an option when a member renews, and this change created a 47% increase in membership in about two years. With all the new member roles and titles, Annie is working to segment so that communications are personal. For example, they just held a webinar on school nutrition, and she sent the email invite only to members with “nutrition” in their title.

Get to know your marketing software

After taking time to learn Higher Logic’s marketing product, Annie realized they weren’t even scratching the surface of its capabilities. She also learned there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen with access to the tool, but nobody was cross-communicating. By coordinating efforts, the team saved at least 10 labor hours a month. She suggests finding out if there are tasks and processes are taking up your team’s time that you could be doing with automation.

“Integrating our Higher Logic marketing software and AMS has saved us a good 10 hours of work per month that we were spending on uploading lists.”

Annie Henderson, Corporate Marketing Manager, ASBO International

Maximize partnerships

ASBO International has a 22-person staff, so they know they can’t do it all when it comes to content. Partners are a big part of their content strategy. In 2021, they revamped their entire partnership program, changing it to the Corporate Alliance Partnership program, taking a business-to-business approach. They revamped their landing page so that businesses can hit a radio button for the partnership level that interests them. Annie gets automatically notified, and within a day, the team sends out the appropriate pre-drafted message, which emphasizes how partnership means more than just being a vendor.

What’s next on Annie’s roadmap? She’s going to focus on onboarding messages for corporate members and using social media to get companies to proactively seek out ASBO International.

Marketing Influencers

Annie recommends following Chris Gloede from Association Marketing Academy and taking his phenomenal free course. She also follows Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer at the American Medical Association, and she recommends joining Women of Email.

Want to hear more from Annie? Check out the on-demand Marketing Movers and Shakers webinar.

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