Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Braden Hon

Associations, Communications Strategy // This spring, we’re celebrating six Marketing Movers and Shakers in the association marketing space. Next up, get to know Braden Hon, digital content coordinator at the Australian College of Nursing.

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Our Marketing Movers and Shakers are leading the way with innovative ideas, great processes and sharp marketing! We’re excited to recognise our six association winners in this series of blog posts. Today, let’s meet Braden Hon.

Braden Hon is the Digital Content Coordinator at the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), which brings together thousands of nurses from across Australia, forming a collective voice and support for the occupation.

Braden’s Marketing Moves

Reduce email fatigue with dynamic content

When Braden joined ACN, he and his manager identified that the association sent over nine emails a week to members. Three went out from their department alone. And it’s understandable; a big organisation has a lot to communicate to members. It’s not that the messages weren’t important, but he wanted to ensure good experiences for recipients. Using dynamic content in Higher Logic’s marketing software, Braden got the nine emails down to four and a half. The result: click rates went up from around 3% to 9%.

Boost community engagement with influencer program and cross-channel promotion

Braden also manages the community. Since a lot of community members were viewing posts but not participating, Braden came up with an influencer program to involve thought leaders in different nursing specialties and get discussions going around interesting topics. He chose the topics based on a member survey to make sure the discussions are around something members want to discuss.

He also uses their weekly eNewsletter to direct traffic to the community, and it’s working to spark discussion. Braden looks at how email effectiveness (open rates and click rates) correlate with success in the community (post views, the number of new posts, post replies and post likes). For example, he looks at traffic redirection from the eNewsletter to the online community. That kind of data helps him see a trend or how effective one particular action has been.

Want to hear more from Braden? Check out the on-demand Marketing Movers and Shakers webinar.

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