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Resource Center

The key to a successful online community: create an environment rich with content and activity. Building this dynamic environment is more than implementing a software platform – an organization needs people with knowledge and experience to plan, build, launch, and manage a community. And we make it a priority to provide the opportunity to engage in continual learning. Explore our resource library for expert insights, experiences, and perspectives on the world of online community management and knowledge sharing.

State of Community Management Report 2019

The State of Community Management Report

The Community Roundtable's report explores how and why communities transform organizations.

Webinar a day in the life of your member

A Day in the Life Of Your Member

The buzz around personalizing the member experience isn't going away, and for good reason: it's how your association stays relevant.

How to Develop a Killer Customer Community Strategy
Featured ebook

How to Develop an Effective Customer Community Strategy

To truly have an effective customer community, you need a great strategy. 

Marketing Automation
Featured guide

Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation

Move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and learn the strategy behind: Understanding and connecting your audience with personas. Automated campaign structures and content. Leveraging web tracking data for precision targeting.