Complete member engagement.


Build your member journey through online community and marketing automation.

Our online community and marketing automation platforms work to connect your members to each other and with your organization. Build member engagement by sending the right messages and supporting the best interactions, using Higher Logic Community and Communications together. Whether it’s visiting a web page or becoming a brand champion, Higher Logic tracks and manages your member engagement, collecting meaningful interactions along each stage of the member journey.

Higher Logic’s engagement platform empowers your organization to:

  • Deliver personalized messages to your members
  • Apply practical data to your member programs
  • Build an experience that brings people together and brings you new insight
  • Drive better recruitment, retention, and increased revenue for your organization

“The community is now ranked one of our most highly used and valuable member benefits ”

Lindsay Currie, Director of Stakeholder Engagement Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society 

Key Benefits

Attract new members

Show prospective new members the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and engagement they would have access to in your community as members.

Encourage engagement

Give your members a space to communicate and share information, building a member culture based on better relationships and a depth of knowledge.

Drive retention

Providing valuable and relevant benefits to your members is key to how they value their membership and why they maintain that over time.

Increase revenue

Advertising, sponsorships, and events all drive your engaged and motivated community members to do even more with your association.

Product Overview

Higher Logic was built to increase engagement, loyalty, and retention – create a space for your members to engage with each other and your organization.

We now look at our digital communications with our members much more strategically. We have the opportunity to target our messages to different groups and to look at what our members are talking about in real time and then develop products and services that help them meet that need.”

Paul Belantone, CEO
Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)

Better Together

Build Meaningful Interactions with Higher Logic


Your online community is the key to knowing your members and meeting their needs. Get the right insights to drive member retention and boost revenue. Provide a platform for fellow members to collaborate and engage. An online community brings your members together.

Higher Logic Community supports:

  • Member interactions at every level, from introductions and sharing ideas, to promoting your organization’s events, content, and values
  • Targeted content and programs based on members’ specific interests and needs
  • Collecting activity data throughout the member lifecycle, to gain new insight and provide the best member experience


Do you structure your marketing communications so both members and non-members receive tailored, relevant messages at precisely the right time? Be strategic instead of focusing on manual, repetitive tasks. Deliver superior campaigns with dynamic content and dedicated resources.

Higher Logic Communications supports:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns and automated processes
  • Campaign performance tracking and analysis
  • Applied campaign and engagement data for better reporting on registrations, renewal rates, and member lifetime value