Marketing Automation


Marketing automation made simple.

Marketing Automation

Capture, convert, and measure engagement across all your marketing campaigns.

Higher Logic Marketing Automation helps you deliver tailored, relevant messages to your members throughout their journey with your organization. Save your staff time by focusing on the strategic elements of email marketing instead of manual, repetitive tasks. Deliver superior campaigns with dedicated marketing automation resources including built-in best practices and activity tracking. Use insights to drive your future marketing efforts and improve ROI by increasing engagement.

Higher Logic Marketing Automation supports:

  • Creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Automating repetitive tasks and manual processes
  • Analyzing campaign performance
  • Collecting more actionable insight into member and prospect engagement
Email vs MA

Time to upgrade your email marketing? Marketing Automation takes your program to the next level.

Key Benefits

Custom automated workflows/campaigns

Create custom campaigns from scratch, or use one many out-of-the-box campaigns built based on our expertise and best practices. Nurture leads through the funnel with advanced workflows, personalized journeys, and calls-to-action.

Template designer with built-in Adobe® Creative tools

Create custom, impactful visuals for your campaigns without a designer or any Adobe® training. Keep it fun, easy, and creative with a built-in suite of tools and an advanced content editor.

Extensive tracking, reporting, and analytics

Get powerful insight into how all your marketing channels contribute to your bottom line. Check out dozens of reports that pull key metrics for you, or use custom, advanced analytics to create your own. Effectively measure conversions and campaign impact at every stage.

Social media integrations with automated engagement

Streamline content creation and delivery across all channels by automatically publishing email messages to social channels, or share via iMessage. Track your success in real time in our social reporting tool.

Contact scoring and website tracking

Rank your contacts by their engagement scores, based on any interactions with content, email, or social channels. Use web pages as triggers for enrollment in marketing automation campaigns. Then track it to gather valuable activity to further refine targeting and messaging in all campaigns.

Deep CRM/AMS integrations

We integrate directly with your CRM or AMS, providing a two-way exchange of marketing data with email, web, and social interactions. The information is always current, accurate, and easily segmented. And it’s all in one location.

Member Retention

Online Community and Marketing Automation work together, so your association can be a champion for every member's needs and interests.

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