Learning is part of the process.


Let’s be honest: to reach any level of success, we need a bit of confidence. Check out our many opportunities for education, training, and product support.

Check out our best courses and resources for learning more about community.

Higher Logic User Group (HUG)

The Higher Logic User Group (HUG) is our very own user group for all things online community and marketing automation. It helps you get the most out of your platform by connecting you with Higher Logic customers, partners, and experts. HUG is home to interactive discussion groups, resource libraries, webinars and online trainings, and all our upcoming events. Ask questions, share stories, and learn with each other.

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Higher Logic Academy

At Higher Logic, learning never stops. And we know learning together is essential for your success. That’s why we built a learning and community portal where you can take courses online, register for in-person training, attend webinars, unlock achievements, and connect with fellow learners and trainers, all while having fun.

It’s all crafted around your journey with our products, whether you’re in the implementation phase, a new user, or may need an extra boost to take engagement to the next level.

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Higher Logic Super Forum (Annual Conference)

Super Forum is our premier community and marketing automation event for customers, partners, community and marketing enthusiasts to gather all together for three days of exclusive training, educational sessions, and networking. Join us for everything from product updates and content to industry keynotes and our annual customer appreciation party.

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Expert Community Training Courses

Online communities are diverse, and so is the field of community experts! We believe it’s important to partner with community thought leaders who are innovating in the space and collectively have more experience than even we do. The following training courses are offered exclusively through Higher Logic partnerships:

CMX Logo

CMX Training Program

The CMX Training Program is a six-week course, ideal for anyone who is new to community or feeling stuck in their community strategy. With a student completion rate of over 95 percent, this program has helped hundreds of businesses put together a plan for building thriving communities that deliver real business value. Brought to you by CMX, the hosts of CMX Summit and the hub for the community industry.

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FeverBee Online Community Training Course

FeverBee’s professional community management course is a detailed and comprehensive on-demand course created for our Commercial clients as part of their software subscription. Twelve individual lessons guide organizations through the entire process of launching, growing, and managing a successful online community. FeverBee is a leading online community consultant, combining a proven commitment to their clients’ success and a reputation for innovation.


Essentials of Online Community Management

Online Community Results and SocialFish provide their Essentials of Online Community Management course to all our Association clients as part of the software subscription. It’s an on-demand course with five, 30-minute lessons, designed for community managers and the senior executives who oversee online community initiatives. The curriculum covers best practices in setting strategy, going live, sustaining engagement, managing risk, and ROI & reporting.