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5 min read

Tags: Association Strategy, Member Engagement, Revenue Generation

Generate More Non-Dues Revenue with Ecommerce in Your Community

Generate more non-dues revenue to improve the financial position of your association and create great experiences for your members by setting up an online ecommerce store within your community.

Ryan Casey
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8 min read

Tags: Association Strategy, Revenue Generation

How to Generate Non-Dues Revenue from Association Sponsorships

Associations that diversify their revenue streams beyond member dues are much better positioned to keep a robust staff and explore new programs.

Kelly Whelan
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5 min read

Tags: Association Strategy, HL Product Updates, Marketing and Communications, Professional Associations, Trade Associations

Safeguard Member Engagement Through Choice: Message Categories and Email Preferences

To protect the power of email, you need to be judicious about what you send, how often, and to whom. That’s why tools/features like Higher Logic Thrive Marketing’s new message categories and preference management pages are so important.

Sarah Spinosa
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9 min read

Tags: Association Strategy, HL Product Updates, Member Engagement, Professional Associations, Trade Associations

Job Boards and Career Communities: A Path to Higher Engagement and New Memberships

In a recent episode of Higher Logic’s Member Engagement Show podcast, guests Alexey Gutin and Josh Slyman of Web Scribble discussed the many benefits of including career centers or job boards to your organization’s content and communications mix. These benefits extend to members, associations, and employers.

Kelly Whelan
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9 min read

Tags: Association Strategy

Top Thought Leader Reveals: What Associations Should Be Thinking About in 2023

Time marches on and it’s usually impossible to go back to some perceived “way things were.” The best option is to start thinking and planning forward. 

Kelly Whelan
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